Review: Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Pasiphae'

After the very successful launch of the Dual Intensity eyeshadows Nars is now following up with the first limited edition versions as part of their Fall 2015 Collection called 'Private Screening'. The collection also consists of another Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Telesto' which is a beautiful warm bronze brown. I've only picked up Pasipahae from the collection and that is what I'll be talking about today.

Pasiphae was for me the absolute stand-out in the collection as it's so unique. It's a shiny brown with green shimmers. It basically shifts according to where the light hits it. The formula is pretty much the same as my other Dual Intensity eyeshadows, so if you like that formula you'll enjoy this. Similarly, if you don't like the Dual Intensity formula you won't like this, but you probably didn't think you would anyway.

I've applied this using my Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Brush by Nars and I've applied it using my fingers. I think I prefer the latter as the finish from applying it this way is more shiny and smooth. I've applied this on top of an eyeshadow base with and without powder to set and found it worked best without any powder underneath. Lasting time for me was aproximatively 6 hours before I had some slight, very unnoticeable creasing. That's without a proper eye primer (just a matte cream shadow base), but my lids aren't oily either.

When I first applied this I was surprised by how dark it was as it looks rather medium dark in the swatches I had seen online (I ordered it online unseen). However, as I finished the look it wasn't as dark as I initially thought it was. It's also one you can use all on it's own as the duo-chrome effect is quite amazing. If I apply this all over my lid and also into the crease it already looks like I'm wearing a two-shadow look. This as the shadow on my lid reflects a bit of the green tint and is overall lighter, whilst the shadow in my crease doesn't reflect green and appears darker. It's really cool!

The look I achieve when using this was surprisingly quite wearable. It seemed very dark at first, but as I blended the edges and the duo-chrome came into full effect it wasn't as 'full on' as it initially seemed. This isn't at all office appropriate - don't get me wrong, but it's definitely one you can wear when just walking around town on the weekend. It's definitely a gorgeous shade to amp up for an evening out and I'll definitely be wearing it like this as well, but I just want to point out that it doesn't need to be saved for evening wear only. I know this has been snatched up most places by now, but there's still a few in stock here and there and I'd definitely recommend grabbing!

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