Review: Pangea Organics Facial Toner Italian Green Mandarin & Sweet Lime

I had never heard of Pangea Organics either, until this year. Pangea takes organic to the next level, where it's also about sustainable production and using packaging that can be recycled. The products themselves are 100% plant-based, but the boxes the products come in is what I find amazing. The boxes incorporate organic seeds, so if you take the label off and soak the box in water you can actually plant it! I'm all for preserving the earth, so when I learned this I got really excited to try the brand and really wanted to like it.

The toner comes in sturdy and quite heavy dark brown glass packaging, that somehow is always cold. It has a see-through plastic cap and sprayer. It's applied in the new standard way of applying toner - spraying across the face and then gently patting it across and into the skin.

The star ingredients in the toner is of course 'Green Mandarin' and 'Sweet Lime'. Green Mandarin is supposed to be stimulating, pufirying and uplifting, while Sweet Lime is an antioxidant, toning and an astringent. It's meant to be a step to balance and restore the skin.

I can't say I've noticed any huge benefits from using this. It's definitely cooling and the fresh scent makes it a treat to use in the mornings. I have not reacted to it in any kind of way, and it does balance the skin to make any serums and moisturisers go on smoothly on top. Skin does feel a bit more nourished.

My biggest 'quarrel' with this is the sprayer. It doesn't give a very fine mist, making the product distribute quite unevenly and patchy. It also doesn't give me enough control to make sure I don't get any around my eyes. This doesn't burn the eyes, and I'm certain it's ok to use around the eyes as well, but as my eyes are quite sensitive I like to avoid it, especially as this has citrus ingredients. Regardless, it's quite an easy fix - I simply pat the toner across the skin, which distributes it evenly anyway. I'm just saying, I really do appreciate a good sprayer, and this ain't it.

Besides that though, I've got nothing bad to say about this. I don't think I'll be running to re-purchase, but I'm enjoying using it. There's a limit to how much of a difference a toner really can do, but I have been wowed by some, most notably the Aesop Parsley Seed Toner. As far as a quick morning spritz toner goes though, this is absolutely all around good and decent and a toner I'd recommend on the level of 'go for it, sure, it's pretty nice'. Beyond the product itself though, I really enjoy a brand that is all about being sustainable and good to the earth, which is what makes this a product I just might re-purchase after all.

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