Review: RODIN Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil

Rodin's Olio Lusso is one of those products I wanted to try for the longest time, but never did. Mostly as it's quite expensive and I've always got so much other skincare on rotation I never felt I could quite justify it. However, around new years my curiosity got the better of me and I bought it after all. It was all very exciting.

The luxurious oil comes in beautiful minimalist packaging. It's glass, tall and sleek, but overall still quite small. It's see-through, has a white plastic dropper lid, with a clear glass dropper in the bottle. The label is a simple white and black and the bottle holds a total of 30ml/1 fl. oz worth of product. Those of you that know of my love of Aesop packaging, won't be surprised I really enjoy the aesthetics of this one as well.

But packaging aside - it's what's inside that matters, and it's gotta be really good for this kind of price tag. The oil is a blend of 11 essential oils. These are jasmine oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosa canina fruit (rosehip) oil, arnica montana flower extract, calendula officinalis flower oil, orange flower oil, sunflower seed oil and argania spinosa kernel oil. There's loads of information on the internet about all of these that you can check out for more information and all of the benefits they all bring to the skin individually. This is also almost the entire ingredients list. There's only a few other ingredients at the bottom of the ingredients list, which means they are of a small quantity. Say what you will about the price, but this really has got a lot of good stuff packed into it. I dare say you are getting a lot more for your money than you do with a lot of other products, some of them just as expensive as this.

It's got the most amazing texture and feel. It's somehow the least greasy oil I've ever used. After it's absorbed, which doesn't take overly long either, it gives an incredible glow, but without the typical grease-ball effect of most face oils. This isn't a dry oil (I can't use those on my face, they are too drying for me) by any means, but it does leaves my skin balanced and honestly - in perfect condition. It also smells absolutely amazing. I have no problem understanding all those people in Into The Gloss' top shelf articles claiming to be on their umpteenth bottle of this.

I switch my skincare everyday, so I can't comment on long-term use as if I've used it everyday. What I can say is this is the product I reach for when I want to have my skin looking amazing, and either have the time to let it absorb or don't plan on wearing makeup. Because this does take a while to absorb, and even on my normal/dehydrated skin it's not the best base for makeup. I use this as a treatment for days when I don't wear makeup, like others might say they will walk around the house one day when they are home with a nutritious mask. The difference is I still leave the house, and my skin looks absolutely friggin' amazing. It looks smooth, it's glowing and I have a natural highlight in all the right places. Skin is still balanced and not greasy. It looks plump, even toned and radiant.

I've used this at least once a week since January and I'm still not even halfway through the bottle. It might be because I'm saving it a bit, but a tiny bit really goes a very long way, even for an oil. It'll be months before I'll even get close to finishing this, but once I do I will absolutely be buying another bottle. I've definitely gone over to the dark side that is Rodin skincare, and can't wait to try some more from the range as well.

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