Review: Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in 'Moodlight'

I wasn't sure if there was any point to writing a review on this as it's pretty much sold out everywhere, but decided to make a review of it anyway. Partly due to whisperings that this will indeed become a permanent part of the Tom Ford lineup (Nude Dip came back, so why not this?), partly because it is still available some places and most of all because I know that I still love to read wether limited edition items I missed out on were really worth it or if I can try to move on from my "skippers regret".

The highlighting duo comes in beautiful Tom Ford packaging - brown and gold, the same size and compact exactly as the eyeshadows, with a nice big mirror inside. There's no wasted space for a brush,it's just filled up with the two highlighters. The compact contains a total of 0.42 oz/12 g, I am assuming then that each powder is 0.21/6g which is quite a fair bit of product. To compare a full size Mac blush is 6g, so with highlighters not exactly being fly-through products to begin with, this will last you more or less forever.

The two powders are very different. The white top colour is very subtle, perfect for daytime and office wear. It has a slight golden lean, but nothing that clashes with my pale skin. The effect is as mentioned very subtle, so if you love a full-on highlight like for example The Balm's Mary Luminizer, then this will probably underwhelm you. Having said that, I think it's absolutely stunning. One of the best highlighters I have ever used. It has a sheer quality to it, which leaves you with just the most natural glow on your cheek bones. It just looks like you have beautiful, perfect radiant skin.

The bottom powder is the more tricky one. I wasn't really sure what I would use it for when I bought it, it was definitely the top powder that lured me in. I think if you are not very pale, a Chanel 30 or 40 in foundation, this will work beautifully as a highlighter, no question. On my pale skin it works as a very subtle blush, but as it fades throughout the day I did look a tad washed out. I'm not the most super pale person, if you are, this would probably work really well as a blush. I think I'll personally end up using it as more of a blush topper, or perhaps on top of a more bronze-heavy look in place of a blush. Either way you want to use it, the texture is absolutely incredible. One of the most luxurious I think I've ever used. It blends across the skin like the softest cream, with no harsh edges anywhere with barely any blending necessary. It's also a bit buildable. The formula is just spectacular, I hope Tom Ford uses it for other blushes with more pigment, that would be absolutely amazing I think.

I struggled a bit with what brush to use with these. I tried first with some of my typical duo-fiber highlighter brushes, but found that didn't work very well. In the end I've found regular blush brushes, or any brush with natural bristles, work best by far. I've also applied the white shade with just my finger and this actually works really well. Probably because the powder is a kind of gelee formula, reminiscent of the Estee Lauder Powder Gelees, and blends super easily.

Overall I am super happy I ended up buying this after all. I was on the fence for a while, as it's just so expensive, and I've got so many highlighters already that I love and will probably never go through. I ordered it from Selfridges after all though as a bit of a special treat after finishing my first week of work, and that's how I'd say you should look at this. Never will I say you need to spend this much money on a highlighter. You can find others for half the price that will work just as well. It won't be exactly the same, no, but you definitely don't need to buy this to achieve a nice highlight. Having said that, this is a nice item to treat yourself to for whatever reason. It is absolutely beautiful, works amazingly well and the formula really is something special. It's sold out most places, and might be limited edition, so if you think you do want it I'd recommend getting it sooner rather than later!

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