Favourites: September 2015

September is always a weird in-between month where it's not still summer, but not quite fall yet, so it's hard to choose what clothes and what kind of makeup to wear. It was also my first month working so I really got to put some products to the test. I quickly fell into habits as I now need something I know works or know how to make work. So these are all a good selection of my go-to fool proof products that I've depended on the last 30 days.

My standout skincare product of the month has to be the Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum ( here ). The last thing I wanted to deal with this month was any skin issues and this has kept my skin in tip top condition. This is different to any anti-blemish product I've ever used as it really does balance the skin as opposed to dry it out like so many acne products tend to do. If you have combination skin, or even mature skin that can still be a bit unruly then give this a go. I'll be writing a more thorough review this month.

For perfume I wanted to stick to something quite anonymous, but still with a bit of character as I am a perfume lover after all. The Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Colognehere ) is a perfect work fragrance. It smells mostly just clean and fresh with a hint of femininity, but it's all very subtle. If you want a fragrance that is sure not to offend anyones nose then this is a really good option. It's not boring by any means though, it's a beautiful scent, gorgeous and fresh, I absolutely love it.

Subtle has also been key in what makeup I've chosen most days this month. For that I've turned to my trusted Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow in 35 here ). This gives the most gorgeous warm natural sheen to the lids. Perfect both as part of a more complicated look, but also works beautifully on it's own as it makes you look instantly more awake and put together. This is one of my all-time favourite eyeshadows.

Another trusted go-to makeup product I've used pretty much everyday the past month is the ByTerry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer Brush here ). This stuff is just amazing. Forget every other highlighting pen you've ever used. I've used so many of them, and nothing compares to this. It gives the most amazing brightening effect to the face that you won't believe. I didn't use it today just to try and use something different and I looked so different even though everything else I'd used on my face was the same. It's unbelievable the difference it makes.

Finally I have something a bit more fun - this bright Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine Lip Gloss in 470 here ). I wanted to keep some fun colours in for as long as I can get away with it after summer and have been loving this particular shade. The formula is good as well, I have two more colours. It's sheer but still packs a good punch of colour. It's the kind where it kind of looks like you just ate a popsicle. The colour is vibrant pink, but not too in your face meaning you can wear it even if you are typically a bit afraid of colour, but want to try something a bit more adventurous still.

Finally I have a hair product. I don't feature many hair products in my favourites posts, I should cause I have quite a few good ones, the Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray here ) being one of them. This is another product that seem to work just like magic. This as I have no idea how it does it, but somehow I spray this quickly through my hair and suddenly I have the most perfect wavy hair that looks like I just had a fresh blow-dry. It also smells insanely good. Try this if you haven't already. Especially if you really want to have perfect hair everyday, but can't be bothered to put in the time. This literally takes 2 seconds. Again, no idea how, it really might just be magic.

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