Review: Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation

I've been using my Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation everyday for the past month or so, and figured it would be the perfect time to write a review. As some of you may know, Armani makes some of my favourite foundations, and my all-time favourite foundation; Lasting Silk UV Foundation. Since discovering that I've wanted to try all of the brands' foundations, including Designer Lift. All the great reviews it's received also didn't exactly hurt.

The foundation comes in a sleek, glass bottle with a black plastic pump. It's standard Armani foundation packaging, pretty much the same as all the others. Texture-wise Designer Lift is very thin, a bit runny. This makes it very nice to use if you want a very sheer application, but it's also really buildable. Armani's foundations are all famous for being some of the best at layering for more coverage, whilst still keeping the nice finish of whatever foundation you are using. Designer Lift is no different, but, having used most of Armani's foundations, I dare say I think this is the absolute best at it. Perhaps because it is so thin in texture. It builds from very sheer to a nice medium coverage. From then on you'll have to go in with a concealer.

Wear time is pretty good. Lasting Silk is more impressive, but Designer Lift holds up well throughout a 8 hour work day, and a bit more. I do start to see it breaking apart a bit around the nose, which is where I am a bit more oily, but only on certain days, and nothing too bad. If you really want a long-lasting foundation, go for Lasting Silk, or even Luminous Silk, but if that's not too high on your list of needs, then this should work well.

Designer Lift is the one Armani foundation that has claims beyond "just" being a good foundation, it is also supposed to firm your skin. The claims are that it will "restore up to 10 years of luminosity, firm lines by up to 87% and firm skin by 73% for 12 hours of lifting action". The last part of that sentence makes me feel like they aren't claiming to do anything beyond just when you are wearing the foundation, meaning not long term (which I'm fine with, it's "just" a foundation, after all). I can say I haven't noticed any long term firming effects, but then again I am 26. I will say that I have noticed my skin being a bit firmer whilst I am wearing it. More when it was brand new, then I could definitely tell. My skin could sometimes even feel a bit tight. So if you really want some "firming action", then this could potentially yield incredible results. An SPF of 20 also makes it one of the better true anti-ageing foundations out there.

This is by no means a cheap foundation. Not that any of the Armani foundations are, but this is the most expensive one (not counting the new Crema Nuda of course, but that's a whole different league). Having said that, a bottle does last ages. This as you need very little unless you want to build it up, but still then you don't end up using too much as the texture is so thin.

Swatches L-F;  NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Light 2 Alaska, Armani; Maestro Foundation in 4,5, Designer Lift in 4, Luminous Silk Foundation in 4 and Lasting Silk UV in 4,5.

Shade-wise I didn't end up with the best match. I'm a perfect match to 4,5 in Lasting Silk, and therefore figured 4 would be a good match here. It is not. It's too dark. I have to mix it with my Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in Zero (basically a white mixing liquid, you should try it, it's amazing if you've got problems with foundations being too dark; here ) for it to match my skin. Previously this would be my go-to when I was self-tanning. So just a bit of a heads up on that, you can't just go by what colour you are in their other foundations (annoying). See the swatches above to see how the shade 4 in Designer Lift compares to my other Armani foundations, and the Nars Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska.

When I finish this bottle I probably won't buy it again. It's a nice foundation, the firming action is a bit fun, and the finish and wear is all very nice. I just still prefer Lasting Silk, which is keeping it's place as my favourite foundation for more than three years now. However, if you want a great foundation and would love one that would noticeably firm your skin, this is a great option, and one you will probably love. Add to that the great versatility of it looking just as nice when worn both really sheer, but also built up, and you'll find you'll get all the foundation you need in just one bottle.

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