Review: Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum Copaiba & Zinc

I talked about this a little bit already in my September Favourites post, and figured as I've been using it everyday for the last two months, now was the perfect time to write a full review. Pai is a brand I've come to love and trust. As many of you know I love their Rosehip Oil, it's one of my favourite skincare finds ever, and it was also my introduction to the Pai Skincare brand. My first other serum from them was this; the Perfect Balance Blemish Serum.

The serum comes in a nice glass bottle with a plastic lid and pump. It's all very hygienic and nice. The actual serum is white, quite thin, but not runny. It absorbs fairly quickly and you don't need much at all to cover your entire face. Pai says this serum will both soothe the skin and help clear up any acne or blemishes. They also claim it will reduce oil production by up to 65% and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to improve appearance of blemishes that are already there. It's also supposed to keep skin moisturised and balanced in order not to dry it out. That last part is what sets this serum apart.

I've steered well clear of all skincare for acne-prone skin as I find it always dries my skin out and makes it uncomfortable, much more uncomfortable than just a small blemish or two. This serum however, keeps my skin in perfect balance, whilst also keeping it clear and calm. It's genius.

I can't say I've noticed too much of my skin being a lot less oily, but then I don't have oily skin to begin with. My skin is pretty normal, but dehydrated, so it could be the serum works well with keeping oil production low, I just can't speak to the effects.

 I've found that when using this my skin is balanced, well-behaved, calm and in overall very good condition. I do take good care of my skin to begin with that of course also contributes a lot to it being clear and balanced, but I still noticed an improvement in my skin when I started using this.

I may not get many blemishes, but when I do sometimes get them, it's incredibly annoying. This helps me stay clear (pun not intended, haha) of that. I also very much enjoy the overall calming and balancing effect it has on my skin. My skin is never itchy, thight feeling, overly oily or feel congested. If you've got skin that could use one or all of the things this serum promises, I can tell you it delivers, and you should definitely give it a try.

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