Use it Up: Update #7

This is going to be one of the better updates of this. Not that I've ever done too shabby, to be honest, but this time around I've finished a whopping 6 products. This means I'll also be adding 6 new products at the end, which is a lot. I considered not adding them and just finishing the remaining products by the end of the year, and then being done with the project, but I don't want to do that. I'd rather keep cycling through ten and another ten and another ten products, no matter what year it is or was. Either way, let's get into showing the progress I've made on the products I am still working on, what I've finished and what's going in the bin.

For those of you who read my empties post, there won't be too many surprises in here. I wanted to do an update last month as I finished the majority of the products that are "leaving" then, but I was too short on time, energy and will-power. Better late than never though, as you can see here I've finished 5 products, and then there is one that I've decided to just get rid of, but we'll get to that as I talk about each product individually. To see my progress, or just read the previous posts in the series, I'll leave some links to my other posts here;

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First out we'll deal with these two, MAC Romp  discontinued ) and Omega here ), just to get that out of the way. Somewhat staples in these posts by now - no I didn't really use them much, but I did use them more than I have in a while, so I'm quite pleased. I've felt like focusing on using up products lately, and I would've reached for these more, if I wasn't so focused on my pan that palette for 2015. When that's finished, I'll use these more.

I am finally seeing some progress on these two! First off the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Palette here ) I've been using everyday lately, and if you compare it here to my last update there's quite noticeable improvement. I've only used it everyday for about two weeks so far, which means I should be able to see steady and good movement through this by the next update, provided I stick with it of course.

My biggest headache in this challenge must be this Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Espiegle  discontinued ) . It's a beautiful blush, I absolutely love it, but using a blush for so long with the objective of finishing it, and never seeing any progress has definitely been quite tedious. Finally though, FINALLY, I'm seeing some movement! The pan is DEFINITELY bigger and there's quite a dip in the middle (I know you can't see it really in the picture, but trust me, it's there!). I've probably got miles to go, but at least now I've got pan starting to show, which will make it easier to see progress, in turn making this blush easier to "stick to".

Now for some primers. I finally finished the Clarins Instant Smooth Self-Tanning Primer here ). It was quite easy to get through, as I needed more product than I otherwise use. This as I needed to have an even amount of primer everywhere so that the tanning was even.

Probably my favourite primer ever; the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer review - here ). I'm a bit sad it's done as I love it so much, and it's so expensive, but I've had the bottle for a while and I'm happy I used it all up while it was still good. It was a breeze to use as I love it so much, but it's definitely a product where a little bit goes a long way.

Now for some lip products, and the last four products before I start adding new ones in. First I finished a lip liner - Mac Cremestick Liner in Sublime Culture here ). I loved both the colour, formula and the easy twist-up packaging. I want to get a lipstick in a colour like this, so if anyone know of one let me know!

The product I didn't finish, but am getting rid of is the Mac Lipstick in Flamingo review - limited edition ) . This goes on patchy and uneven and was just too much of a bother to use. It's also a bit too old for my liking, especially to be bothering with it if I don't enjoy it anyway. These two will of course go 'Back 2 Mac'!

The Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger here ) is just a mini, but I'm happy to have finished it nonetheless. It's amazing to finally be clearing out some lip products, especially as I've barely bought any for over a year now. This gloss was fairly easy to use as it's basically clear with a bit of golden glitters in it.

Finally I have the No7 Sheer Temptation in 15 Tempt  (here ) . I loved this lipstick. It was a gorgeous sheer bright pink that was perfect to use at the end of summer. It was really easy to use up as well as it was so sheer it could be worn for any occasion.

So here is a little round-up of the products I finished - 6 in total. Which means that now I get to pick out 6 new products to add to the project, and I picked these;

As I had to pick so many I wanted to make sure the products were a bit of a mix of easy and more difficult. Which is which I'll get into in a second, but I'm sure you can guess which is by far going to be the toughest to get through!

First off I have two base products. I love both of these, but as having a very small amount of base products is a goal of mine, I'll keep focusing on using them up. For another foundation to use up I have my Armani Designer Lift Foundation ( here ). I've been using this pretty much everyday lately, and thought I might as well stick to it and use it up. I mix this with my Face Atelier Zero Foundation to lighten it up, which means it will take a bit longer. On the other hand there isn't that much left, the pump is squirting out a bit of air here and there, so I'd be susprised if I didn't have this finished by the next update.

For primer I've chosen my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ( review & here ). I love this and there's not much left anyway, so I thought I'd put it in here. It's definitely one of the easier products I'm adding, but I just couldn't add 6 super difficult ones all at the same time, that would make the project drag on for ages with all the same products.

The toughest product I'm adding is by far the La Mer The Powder in 01 Creme  ( reviewhere ). This massive tub of loose powder will undoubtedly take me the better part of the next year to finish, but I'm adding it nonetheless. I've been using this everyday lately to set my foundation, and I really enjoy it. I do have way too many face powders, like, WAY too many, so I'll need to start somewhere. I should've probably started with one that isn't 25 g, but my curiousity got the better of me on this one. I simply would like to track my progression through this, and that is why I've added it. That, and, as much as I love the powder itself, it takes up a massive amount of space that I'd love to free up. I've tried to take the picture here in a way where you can kind of see how much is left.. It's right underneath where it says 'the powder' if my eyes are serving me correctly.

Finally I have three more lip products, but I really need to get through them. First I have another lip liner - the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in 2C Rosewood  ( here ) . This is a similar shade to the Mac Sublime liner and as that one was so "easy" to use up I figured I'd add another one. Also, yes that has somehow ended up crooked, it is not your eyes deceiving you.

I'm also adding another clear gloss. I'll use this Dior Addict Crystal Gloss in 037 ( gwp ) as I used up the Nars gloss, which I used in conjunction with the liner. I'll draw in my lips completely with the Make Up For Ever liner, and then add the gloss on top. I've been doing that for the past week now and I really enjoy it. There isn't much left in this, so it's another easier item.

The last product is a gloss, balm type product, with a slight tint. Most of you will probably be familiar with this product - the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 05 Candy Shimmer ( here ) as they are quite popular (and for good reason). This is just a mini that I would really love to get through to, again, get those numbers down.


And that's it. It's amazing how each time I get around to doing another one of these updates, I think I've barely gotten through anything this year, but then I check the past posts and see all the products that I've used up, but forgotten about. Which is why I want to keep at it for next year as well. Now these are the products I'll be working on, until next time!

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