Review: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

For some reason I always seem to take the longest to get around to reviewing my favourite products. I think this is partly due to me knowing full well I am absolutely going to re-purchase, so I don't have to rush to write a review, as I do with the products I don't think I'll necessary re-purchase. In the aforementioned favourites category is a Pai product; the much raved about, you have probably heard of it Rosehip Oil. And finally here is my review, another rave indeed.

Pai's Rosehip Oil is only my second try at a rosehip oil, but one I've stuck to since using my first bottle. I've just finsihed what I believe to be my third or fourth bottle, and what's pictured here is my backup bottle that is now ready to go. The first kind I used was the Trilogy version, which was fine, but I much prefer Pai's version. For several reasons.

One of which is the smell. Trilogy's Rosehip Oil I found to be quite smelly after a while. That might be all down to them not filling the bottle with unnecessary ingredients to scent the product more pleasantly, but when it's going on my face, and take about ages to absorb, I need it to at the very least smell of nothing, if not pleasant.

Besides the scent Pai's Rosehip Oil is very orange and comes in a clear glass bottle with a dropper. The packaging is nice enough. I keep it in it's box to preserve the ingredients longer, as the clear glass doesn't sufficiently keep sunlight from degrading the ingredients itself.

When applying this I use about 4-5 drops. I pour it into the palm of my hand, rub them gently together and pat it across my face, down my neck and take whatever is left over my décolleté area. The oil isn't the thickest I've used, but it's definitely heavier and one I reserve for only night time use. This also as it does take a while to absorb. I will say that it also gets thicker as you use it, but nothing too much. I don't feel this ever sits heavy on the skin or make you feel in anyway congested or like it's clogging pores. Which it also doesn't do, in any way.

The results in the end are what we are all here for, and is of course the main reason I love this. After using this overnight, come morning my skin will be very well moisturised, but balanced, and if I have any blemishes (past or present) they will be a long way towards healed. This also helps avoid scarring or pigmentation marks, which is something I struggle with. It also gives quite a beautiful glow to the skin, but that I find is something most good oils will do.

This is one of my fall-back, safe products as it simply always works at getting my skin in good condition. It helps heal, balance, soothe and hydrate. Whenever my skin is feeling off in any way, this is always a safe option. Like I've said about a few skincare items before; this isn't the product that will completely rid you of some problem you have as it's not super advanced in terms of any particular concern. However, if you've got all-round good skin, or a few other items as well that is made for other particular concerns, this is a great one to add to your routine. This will do a bit of an all-rounder in terms of getting everything in better condition, and then on other days you can use your retinols and peels and vitamin c's and what else serums and treatments you have. Give this a try if you haven't already, you can thank me later.

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