Favourites: November 2015

For the month of November I've got a bit of a random line-up of favourites. I'm still just using the products I'm trying to use up, so I haven't been testing or re-discovering much, but I did still end up with two makeup favourites I'm excited to tell you about. I've also got a candle, skincare product and a perfume as always.

First off let's just start with the star of the show - the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Colour in Marie Antoinette here ). A big thank you to Gummy who convinced me I needed to take a second look at the Charlotte Tilbury counter ( I wasn't pulled in the first time), and at this product specifically. It's incredible! The formula is smooth like silk, it goes on so pigmented with just a thin layer. It also lasts all day and the shine and effect is just amazing. Every time I've had something a bit more special to do than just go to work I've pulled this out as a break from my products I'm using to finish, and each time I'm just as impressed as the last.

The other makeup item I want to share with you this month is an old favourite that I haven't really talked about before; the Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in 0- here ). It's basically just what it looks like - a white liquid. I mix this in with any foundation I want to use that is too dark, and it makes it lighter. It does this without changing the formula much. It does add a bit of coverage, but that is all that changes, and I don't mind a tad extra coverage on most early weekdays, I really don't. Without this I'd have so many wrongly matched "summer foundations" just collecting dust, but now I'm using them all up. If you are pale like me and prone to ending up with foundations that are just a tad too dark, then you need this.

My perfume of the month is a glorious gourmand scent; Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Ambre Eau de Toilette here ). It's a beautiful take on vanilla with just a hint of amber to make it all just a bit more interesting. There's also some patchouli and musk, but that's it. It's quite a simple scent, but for this time of the year - dark all day long and cold - it's the perfect treat. It's kind of my go-to for December, and if you love a good full on gourmand scent, then do try this.

Sticking with the topic of good smells; I've pulled back out the Diptyque RĂ©sine candle from christmas last year. It was limited edition and you can't get it anymore, but the reason I'm still talking about it is this years 'Aspin' ( here ) candle is exactly the same. The design is different, but the scent itself is identical. It's an absolutely stunning pine tree scented candle that I'd buy heaps of this year if I didn't still have a backup left in the big size from last year. If you haven't bought yourself any christmas candles yet, or don't mind one more, you can't go wrong with this.

Finally I have a bit of a classic; Indeed Laboratories' Hydraluron reviewhere ). With the weather getting colder and the heating turned up indoors my skin is taking the usual winter time hit, and is definitely even more dehydrated than usual. And as usual, Hydraluron is saving the day. I love piling on the oils before bed, or if I'm just staying home on the weekends, but before work this is the best hydrating serum I've found that is also super lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. If you've got dry or dehydrated skin, but can't wait around for oils and heavier creams to absorb before applying your makeup in the morning, this is quite a life saver.

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