Review: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

As I was writing my November Empties post I realised that while I had taken the pictures for this post, I'd never actually written it. So here it finally is, quite a rave about the second Oskia cleanser to make my favourites list this year.

The Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a cleansing balm in my opinion, but one with a much lighter texture. It is orange in colour, has a bit more of a gel like consistency than a typical cleansing balm would have, and spreads much more easily across the skin. It comes housed in a really pretty white plastic bottle with a pump. I love skincare products with pumps, this one is no different. It's a good one as well, it doesn't push out way too much product, actually not much at all so I'd usually go for about 2 or 3 to cleanse my face and neck.

I apply this to clean, dry skin and massage it across my face and neck, focusing in on typical "problem areas" like the chin and nose. What makes this special, in my opinion, is that I can follow up with just a splash of water to remove it. I don't need to wet a flannel and clean it off that way. I don't mind cleansing with a flannel, but there are times where I either would like to just cleanse my face quickly, or my skin is feeling a tad sensitive and I feel like putting it through as little as possible, and that's when this cleanser is just perfect.

As with most OSKIA products, this also comes packed full of incredible ingredients. It's got a whole lot of different vitamins, proteins, minerals and lipids. As it's "just" a cleanser I'm not sure there's enough time for my skin to really soak up the benefits of all the good ingredients, but I do leave it on for a short bit as I massage it across the skin, so hopefully my skin does get some of the benefits

There's plenty of good cleansers and cleansing balms out there, and I've tried a lot of them. This isn't particularly better than my other favourites, or the OSKIA Perfect Cleanse Cleansing Balm for that matter, but it is just as good. Just as good, whilst being really easy and quick to use, and that's what makes it special to me, and worth being added to my routine. Like I mentioned earlier, if you can't or don't want to deal with the hassle of removing a thick cleansing balm with a wet flannel each night, but want to experience the benefits of using a cleansing balm, try this. It's an absolute treat for your skin, and super quick and easy to use.

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