Review: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial

You know those mornings when you've got 3 thoughts in your head at the same time? When you are feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed? You can barely even make eye contact with yourself in the mirror? On those mornings, when I take a pump or two of this into my hands and go to pat it across my face, the second the scent hits me - all those thoughts just vanish. I only have one thought in my head; this smells heavenly! And then I have a minute of pure indulgence and peace and quiet as I apply this - and if for nothing else, that is what makes this worth every penny for me.

The box tells you to "smooth a few drops under or over your day cream". I use this on it's own and I find it's usually enough. My skin is quite normal, but dehydrated. When my skin is pretty alright this is perfect all on it's own, with my sunscreen on top which does provide a bit of hydration. If my skin is a tad drier, then I'll apply a moisturiser on top as my skin can feel a bit 'tight' in some areas if I don't. This has been how I've been using it lately. What to take from this is; if you've got more oily skin or normal skin you can probably use this alone, if you've got dehydrated or dry skin you'll need a moisturiser as well.

The promises the people at the Sarah Chapman offices makes for the results of using this are quite grand. It's supposed to be deeply hydrating, anti-ageing, glow-providing, whilst also regulating sebum production and leaving no oily residue. Quite eye-roll inducing, but it's actually true.

This does make my skin look absolutely flawless. I put it to the test the other day, after a lovely red wine infused evening. Somehow I looked better than ever. My skin was plump, radiant, but not oily or shiny. Just healthy, comfortable and looking like those red wine glasses had been filled with thermal water.

No doubt the anti-ageing claim comes from the Vitamin A that is in this. It's not that often you see Vitamin A in products marketed specifically for daytime use, but it's been popping up more and more lately. I'd say if you wish to indulge in this magical oil, do make sure you use a sunscreen as well. Most of you are adamant about your daily SPF protection, and don't need me reminding you, I'm sure, but I'd still like to make a mention of it in case any of you don't.

There's also another true claim for this - that it's easily absorbed. It's not as "easily absorbed" as a light serum would be, but when compared to other oils this does absorb much faster. I can even use this on busy mornings. Busy mornings with a few minutes to spare whilst this does absorb, sure, but still. Other oils I can't even think of using before work as they almost don't properly absorb for hours. This does disappear into the skin and leaves only behind the brilliant results.

Sarah Chapman's famous Overnight Facial absolutely wowed me, and the Morning Facial has impressed me as well. It's quite a task to impress me these days as I've used so much skincare by now it's hard to find a product that really stands out as extraordinarily good or special. This does.

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