Review: Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 356 Chérie Bow

It seems one of my favourite lipstick formulas is being discontinued, so I thought that whilst there's still some left at counters and it's still maybe possible to pick one up, I'd hurry up and write a review about the Dior Addict Extreme formula, in the beautiful shade 356 Chérie Bow.


Review: Cle de Peau Concealer

I thought I'd finally write a review of the best concealer in the world. This is hyped up to a point where I thought it just had to be a bit exaggerated, but found out the first time I used my first tube - this is all it's cracked up to be.


Project Use-it-up Finale

So finally it's time for the finale of this project! I posted my first post in this series back in January 2014, you can see my first post here , which means it's actually been two years I've been doing this project for. I've obviously added a lot of new products in as I finished others and that way have finished quite a bit, but I am happy I am finishing it now as I want to do other projects this year instead. For now though, let's see how far I got with the final products in this project.


Pan That Palette 2015: Finale

So here it is, finally - the last and final post for my 2015 Pan that Palette challenge. I feel very good about it and feel I was very successful, but I'll show you how far I got and let you judge for yourselves!


2015 Favourites: The Skincare

Following my makeup favourites post, I am of course doing one for my skincare favourites as well. You'll see a lot of products here I've talked about several times before, I think they've all been featured in at least one favourites post, if not more. As with the last post I'm simply listing the products as the post would be too long otherwise. There'll be links to full reviews for the products I have that for, the others I really need to get to 'reviewing'! As I mentioned in my last post, this past year I've had a lot of focus on downsizing my 'stash', which also includes skincare. Therefore there's a few favourite products I've finished and not re-purchased (though I really, really want to!) yet, and that is also the reason the last few products are featured in a collage of promotional pictures by the brands and not pictures I've taken myself. That's all I have to say I think, except please leave me a comment if you have a question about any of the products, or there's one or some that you would like to see me do a full review of that I haven't already. Everything in here are products I love, however, if I've raved about something that isn't in here, it doesn't mean I don't still absolutely love it, I just couldn't feature absolutely everything.


2015 Favourites: The Makeup

Instead of December favourites I thought I'd follow tradition and do my yearly favourites instead. Like before I've separated the posts into different categories, starting here with my makeup favourites. I've also decided to just list the products with links to reviews of the products I have reviewed. It would just take too long to write about all of the products, plus it would all probably be a lot of amazing, fantastic and incredible's over and over again. I'll put it this way; if it's in this post, or any of the others, I absolutely love the product. If there's something I've talked about loving before that isn't in here, it doesn't mean I don't still love it. There'll be a lot of favourite products of mine that won't be featured here, I just had to narrow it down somehow, and these are the products I ended up with.


Empties: December 2015

First of all you'll have to excuse the poor pictures. I've left my camera at my parents house and so had to make use of my iphone camera, which isn't the best. I figured this wasn't the post where anything looks all that pretty anyway, and you don't need to see things that clearly, so it was the best post to do in this situation. Pictures aside this is also the last empties post for 2015. I really focused in on products that were half empty the past month and managed to finish up quite a lot. I've also kicked ass on finishing up quite a few sachet samples. Some products I couldn't quite finish in time, but they'll be finished in January instead, so will at least set me up for a good start on 2016. Now let's see if I was able to beat last years numbers!
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