Pan That Palette 2015: Finale

So here it is, finally - the last and final post for my 2015 Pan that Palette challenge. I feel very good about it and feel I was very successful, but I'll show you how far I got and let you judge for yourselves!

Ta-da! I met all of my goals. Since last time I've finished the top right white shade, the middle shade and hit pan on the darker brown/purple shade in the bottom left corner. I wasn't trying to finish the blue/grey shadow in the bottom right corner. I decided that pretty early on, as it just clashed really badly with my skintone and made me look all kinds of horrendous.

Before I go on, if you haven't read the previous posts in this 'series', or if you want to compare my progress to where I was last time, you can do so here; First postSecond postThird post. Fourth post. 

My goals since the last update in November was to finish the middle shade and the white shade, and I was hoping to be able to hit pan on the bottom left shade. I really wasn't sure I'd be able to reach any of the goals, so I am quite excited I did.

This project has been quite fun, and quite successful. I did use it pretty consistently through the first months of the year, until I took a bit of an unintentional break over the summer. I was back at it full-time from september until the end of the year though, and I finished most of it then, I must admit. Part of my mistake was thinking in May that I had all the time in the world to finish the palette, and then I just never got back around to using it after that, at least not for a few months.

All in all though, I am very happy I did the project. Never would I ever have finished this palette or these shadows without doing a project like this. While I do quite like the remaining darker purple/brown shade, I will be getting rid of the palette. I was quite scared of the shadow as it's darker and I almost never wear any dark shades, but I became quite fond of using it to deepen up the "outer v" the past few months. It's a shame I didn't "discover" it sooner, I might have been able to use it up completely as well. I did hit pan though, and certainly have about 20 other similar shades in my collection, so I won't be keeping this palette for just one shade that it will probably, realistically, be ages until I ever end up reaching for again.

Something else I want to point out is that these shadows have definitely changed from when they were new. The shades have shifted a bit, and I noticed they applied differently, less good. Powder products do take a lot longer before they go bad compared to cream, but they do go bad and they do go off, so this has been a bit of a wake-up-call for me not to go too crazy on those either.

Like I've talked about in my last project use-it-up ( here ) I won't be continuing that project, and I won't be doing another pan that palette. For this year I want to perhaps do a project pan instead, with the focus being to just hit pan on products instead of necessarily using them up all the way. I've also been doing back-to-back use-it-ups and project pans of different sorts for a few years now and feel I need a bit of a break. But I do love doing some kind of project, so watch this space and I'll probably do start something in not too long.


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