Review: Cle de Peau Concealer

I thought I'd finally write a review of the best concealer in the world. This is hyped up to a point where I thought it just had to be a bit exaggerated, but found out the first time I used my first tube - this is all it's cracked up to be.

The stick concealer comes in a beautiful sleek dark blue metal casing. The lid has the signature blue plastic "reflecting thing" on top (that's the technical term, lol). It's overall nice, substantial in weight and it's never accidentally opened in a makeup bag or broken along the way.

Beyond the packaging the concealer used to come in three or four shades, I believe, when I bought mine, but they have since added some more, now totalling at 6 different shades. My colour is 'Ivory' and it suits me perfectly.

I apply this straight from the tube onto the places where I need it, or I'll use a brush to pick up the product. Mainly I apply it straight from the tube. I feel like this is fine as long as I am the only person using it. It's also super quick and easy. I swipe this or dab this onto any "problem areas" and after just lightly tap it in with a beauty blender or my fingers. It blends so effortlessly it's almost like magic. It pretty much disappears into the skin, except it still completely covers everything. That's what makes this such an incredible, better-than-anything-else-I've-used concealer; it somehow manages to completely cover everything, whilst still looking natural and virtually undetectable on the skin.

I mainly use this to conceal pigmentation marks, blemishes and such on my face, and not so much as an undereye concealer. This is just because I prefer to use a brightening concealer or highlighter pen under my eyes, as I don't have much darkness to hide. I have used this as an undereye concealer here and there though, and I will say it works really well as that too. It covers everything completely, whilst still looking completely natural, and it doesn't accentuate fine lines.

It's also lasted me ages. I bought I think 4 total when I was in New York two summers ago, and I am just about to start the last one. I have of course used other concealers as well, but I have had one always in rotation and used it at least once a week since, if not more. I have to say though, if you spend the money on this, do dig into the tube with a brush after it's seemingly finished. There is so much down there, almost 1/3 more concealer, so don't throw that out.

If this was in any way available for me to keep buying, I would. At the moment the only way I can get a hold of this again is by travelling to the US, Russia or Asia. While that would be amazing to do, I don't have any trips to any of those places on the schedule, so for now I am going to treasure the last tube I have left of this, and then hopefully by the time that's done Nordstrom will allow this being shipped to Norway. If anyone knows why I can't get it here, please let me know as I am really, really curious as to why. If you live somewhere they sell Cle de Peau products though, or are going on a trip or holiday in any place that sells it, buy this, and then a back up, at least.

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