Review: Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 356 Chérie Bow

It seems one of my favourite lipstick formulas is being discontinued, so I thought that whilst there's still some left at counters and it's still maybe possible to pick one up, I'd hurry up and write a review about the Dior Addict Extreme formula, in the beautiful shade 356 Chérie Bow.

The Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks are extremely versatile lipsticks. As you can see from the swatches a bit further down on the page they apply very sheer in one quick swipe, but can be built up quite a bit. The finish is very shiny, this is not one you'd neither want or need to use any kind of lipgloss on top of.

Packaging is gorgeous. It's the same as the classic Addict lipsticks except the packaging is a beautiful blue. It reflects light beautifully, the same as Dior's other blue compacts if you are familiar with those. The lipsticks clicks shut as you put it back into the cap. It doesn't seem like this would hold the lipstick in place very well, but it does. It's never accidentally popped out in my hand bag or anything like that.

The formula itself is really comfortable to wear. It's not at all drying, I think it's actually a bit moisturising. This is part of why it's one of my favourites to wear everyday. My lips are always a bit dry and I usually can't wear most full-on lipsticks for more than a few hours before my lips start to feel a bit uncomfortable. This lipstick I can wear all day, everyday and I have no problem.

Wear time isn't the absolute best, but it's pretty good. These shine-finishes never really last through coffee's or food, but as it's so easy to re-apply (no need for much precision or lip liners) that doesn't really bother me at all.

This particular shade I also find incredibly flattering and easy to wear. It's a very warm brown/red shade which is super flattering on most people with a warm or neutral undertone. I love it especially as the red tones make you look really pulled together and like you made an effort, but the brown tones still keeps it from being LIPSTICK and makes it appropriate for any occasion and even the more conservative of dress codes.

I still only have one lipstick in this formula. Mostly as I've been on a lipstick no-buy for a while and trying to pare down my "collection". Had I not been, however, I'd probably own at least a handful of the shades by now. If this shade would suit you I highly recommend getting this particular one, if you love other types of shades I highly recommend checking out another shade in the formula, but quickly, before they dissapear.

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