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As most of you will know, I've been on a downsize and declutter mission for a few years now. As I'm finally making decent progress in the concealer category, I thought now would be a good time to write a concealer-themed post about all my different types of concealers, how I use them, which I love, which I don't and so forth. Partly because I've now gotten around to really using everything I have, and also because I won't have so many variations around at some point, as my goal is to have just two or three. But enough about downsizing for now, this post is all about concealers!

First I want to make a quick mention on correctors. Not concealers exactly, but close enough. I love to use a peach corrector, and use either the right side of the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage palette ( here ), or the Armani Master Corrector in 1 ( here ), which is my favourite. This has been rumoured to be discontinued, but I've seen it back in stock so thankfully I think they just re-packaged it. Either way, every brand seems to be releasing peach correctors left and right these days, so if this one is indeed discontinued it wouldn't be the disaster it certainly would have been a year ago.

So why bother with the extra step of using a corrector? Well, unless you barely need concealer anyway, it helps hide darkness under the eyes much more than a concealer will do on its own. It's actually especially good if you don't have much that needs concealing, because then you can pair the corrector with just a highlighting pen and be good to go. If you do suffer from darkness under your eyes and never seem to be able to find anything that can sufficiently cover them up, adding a corrector might finally help you get rid of it, or at least more than just a concealer will on it's own. Its a win-win and it only takes a second. One note though, you do need to use a concealer on top. It might not look like it when you are inside applying your makeup, but trust me, it will look orange on it's own.

Concealers that come in pots
These tend to be on the drier side, pack a lot of pigment and hide pretty much everything. The concealer side of the Secret Camouflage Palette is quite dry, and takes quite a while to apply. You don't get much product on the brush at a time, and you need to blend it with your fingers. When it's applied though, it sticks on there for the whole day. This I'd recommend if you have one or two blemishes/marks/areas of redness/whatever else in small numbers you need to cover up, but not if you need to do a lot of work, as it would be very time-consuming.

RMS's Un-Coverup ( here ) is a lot creamier than the Laura Mercier, and I tend to apply this with my fingers. It has coconut oil in it, so it's not one I use for blemishes. I'm sure I could, as this is also supposed to be a foundation, but I've stuck to using it as an undereye concealer. I love using it on days where I have more darkness under the eyes than usual ( I don't suffer from dark circles regularly ). For reference, the famous Mac Studio Finish Concealer ( here ) would fit right between these two, drier than the RMS, but creamier than the Laura Mercier. Concealers in pots can be used under the eyes if they are creamier like the RMS, but they do tend to crease and settle into fine lines more easily than the lighter more liquid formulas.

Stick concealers
These are super pigmented, creamy and really easy to apply. These are my two favourites, but the Cle de Peau Concealer ( here ) is one of my two favourite concealers of all time. Actually, it's up there among my favourite makeup products of all time.

Both of these can be used under the eyes and on the face, I tend to mostly use them on the face. As I am the only one using these I apply them straight to where I want them from the stick, and then blend with a beautyblender or just my fingers. I can hide pretty much anything in a few seconds, which is why I prefer this type of concealer for face concealing. It's also a really good one to carry around in your handbag as you don't need to use a brush with it and it can be used for both undereyes and on the face. These can also double up as a stick foundation if you find yourself "in a pickle".

Doe-foot applicator concealers
These are also perfect to carry in your handbag as they can also be used both for the undereyes and on the face. They tend to have the texture of a thicker cream and so blends super easily, even with just using your fingers. Using a shade lighter than the rest of your face can give a brightening effect. A shade slightly darker than your skintone can be used for a really natural contour. If you tend to use it for face concealing though, you need it to be the same shade as your skintone.

Highlighting Pens
These are probably the most fun as the effect can be really amazing. I tend to pair these with a corrector, as previously mentioned, as I find they don't hide much on their own. These can only be used to highlight under the eyes, or to help accentuate a contour by placing a stripe directly underneath your contour. The By Terry Touche Veloutée ( here ) is my favourite highlighting pen and has been for about three years counting. If you want a really high-impact highlighting pen, that's the one I recommend. The Maybelline Dream LumiTouch is a really good cheaper option.

Undereye Setting Powders
Finally, I'd recommend always setting your concealer, of whatever kind you choose to use, with a setting powder. If you aren't as pale as me, a yellow toned powder can help really brighten, like the famous Ben Nye Banana Powder ( here ), or the yellow powder in the Anastasia Contour Kit ( here ), or the NYX one ( here ). If you are as pale as me (or paler), and find the yellow toned powders can end up looking a bit off, I can recommend the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder ( here ), or the Elf Complexion Perfection ( here ). I apply the powder by taking some on a Real Techniques Setting Brush (or similar, but this is my favourite, find it here) and gently dabbing it onto the area. Swiping it on can tend to move the concealer away from what you wanted it to conceal in the first place. This step helps the concealer from creasing and settling into fine lines, and it helps it last a lot longer.

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