Review: Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator

So, Aesop and their Parsley Seed does it again. I don't know why I haven't just gone and bought the whole Parsley Seed range already, though to be fair, there's not many products left in it that I haven't tried. Those I've tried I've all loved, this moisturiser included.

The moisturiser, or "hydrator" as Aesop have decided to call it, comes in typical dark brown glass packaging, but with a nice black plastic pump. As you all probably know by now, I love everything that comes with a pump. It's hygienic, it's easy, and it keeps the ingredients better. The bottle contains 60ml of product which is pretty normal for a moisturiser.

The product itself is a white liquid that is quite thin, but not too runny. It spreads easily across the skin and absorbs fairly easily. It is a tad sticky just as it goes on, but that disappears after not too long. It has the same scent as the whole Parsley Seed range. A scent I personally love. If you hate it, you probably don't want to use this, or any products from the range to be honest. That being said, the scent doesn't linger much after application.

The Parsley Seed Hydrator is packed full of anti-oxidants and boasts of white tea, panthenol and willowherb as it's main ingredients. The second ingredient on the ingredients list is 'rosa canina fruit oil, which is rosehip oil. My skin absolutely loves rosehip oil, so it's no wonder it's been loving this.

My normal/dehydrated skin gets the perfect amount of hydration from this hydrator, but without being too much or leaving me with any unwanted shine. I also notice it gives my skin a nice healthy glow and I notice a similar effect in the overall health and radiance of my skin as I do when I use other anti-oxidant focused serums.

Overall I personally couldn't love this moisturiser more and can't wait to re-purchase. The full bottle has lasted me approximatively 3 months plus some, which is normal for me for use once a day, every day. If you've got normal to slightly dry or slightly oily skin I'd recommend this to just about everyone for daytime use. It's just perfect. It hydrates well, is full of anti-oxidants to help fight free radicals and just overall keeps skin in tip top condition without interfering with your makeup throughout the day, or as you apply it. And it smells really good.

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