Review: REN Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser

I always wondered how one could cleanse with clay as it's usually a thicker consistency I didn't feel would be too nice to start rubbing across the skin. For this reason, as well as all the raves, I was always quite curious to try this to see how it works.

The consistency of this is of course a much lighter one than you'll find in a clay mask. The cleanser is a very light grey/brown colour and spreads across the skin as easily as a cream cleanser does. I found a whole pump of this was way too much, I'd need about half.

I massage this across clean, dry skin in the mornings and splash it off with some water. It absorbs a bit into the skin and so removing with a hot cloth I don't find is an at all necessary step. Originally I had thought this would be a thicker cleanser I would use in the evenings, but after actually using it I realised it's definitely a lighter morning time rinse. As the product absorbs into the skin and leaves only a light layer on top of the skin, you can't really massage the skin as you can with a thick cleansing balm, and so I would definitely reserve this for the mornings.

With about half a pump's use every morning this has lasted me an approximatively 3-4 months which I think is good. It's nothing special in terms of lasting long, but it's right at normal, a little bit more. The packaging on this is really nice. I love everything that comes in a pump as it's so hygienic. It also let's you get everything out to use. The only downside to this packaging is that I literally had no idea I was about to run out when it just stopped and there was nothing left. Of course this isn't a problem for me as I had other cleansers all ready to go, but if you don't have a backup it could present itself as a bit of a problem. Basically, if you use this, have a new cleanser to go after about 2 months use just to be sure.

Results-wise, and that's of course why we are all really here, this is very nice. I love how gentle it is on the skin, which is why it's so good to use in the mornings. I found it did help keep my skin a bit more matte, also a good reason to use in the mornings, but it didn't at all dry my skin out. I did notice my skin was a tad drier when I switched to this from what I was using before, but nothing my hydrating serums and moisturisers didn't take care of. The upside of that was my makeup stayed nice for a bit longer in the areas I can tend to get a bit shiny throughout the day. I also felt this kept my skin overall less clogged and "clean" feeling and I my skin behaved really well whilst I was using this.

To sum up; a very nice gentle morning cleanser that I would recommend especially to people with oily skin, also normal and if you have skin that tends to misbehave and break out. If you have dry skin, whilst this isn't really that drying, it is a bit, and there are many other cleansers that aren't you probably would enjoy more.

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