Review: Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer SPF 50

As most of you know I'm pretty religious about applying my daily SPF. I apply it every morning after my moisturiser. The extra step doesn't bother me due to all the benefits, but when I heard that Armani was releasing a primer with SPF 50 I knew I had to try it. Who doesn't love a multitasker product?

The primer comes in a white glass bottle with a black plastic dropper. It's the exact same bottle as the Maestro Foundation, both new and old, except the bottle isn't see through at all. This is fantastic for keeping the ingredients intact, and keeping the SPF from expiring prematurely, as it blocks the product from light and sun entirely. At least as long as the lid is on.

The product itself is a very runny white-ish liquid. It's runny much in the same way the Maestro foundation is, but the consistency is very different; not at all oily. It's almost like water, but thicker. When applied to the skin it's completely clear. Yes, the product has a slight, very slight, white tint when it comes out of the dropper, but once you start applying it to your face it disappears completely. There is no white-cast, no typical SPF "sticky-ness", nothing.

Beyond not having the typical downsides of using a daily SPF (thicker, sticky, white-cast, etc.), it also has a way of perfecting the skin. It of course doesn't hide any sins or imperfections, but it does seem to blur out things you'd want to hide somewhat. Skin just overall looks nicer, a bit more even, and it gives a bit of a glow. This makes it a really nice daily SPF even when you're not planning on wearing makeup.

As a primer for foundation it's also really good. I've already mentioned the slight perfecting of the skin. It also makes foundation go on a lot smoother, and I do find my makeup lasts for a bit longer. Nothing mayor, this isn't the primer that will keep oily skin matte and a non-long-lasting foundation on for 14 hours+, but it does add decent wear time, it does keep foundation from separating, and it does help it go on a lot smoother.

Does it work though, as a sunscreen? I think so. I'll be the first to admit that the sun hasn't been the strongest here in Norway, though it's getting a bit more prominent the past few weeks. The point is; I haven't put this fully to the test just yet. However, I have been using SPF daily for years now, so my skin has gotten a bit more sensitive to the sun, should I not wear sunscreen. This very rarely happens as it's such an integrated part of my routine now, but it has and I could just tell straight away.  It's not that I burn or get any serious reaction, my skin just feels a bit more dry, a bit more tired, a bit more damaged in a way. When I wear this primer, my skin feels the same way it does when I use an SPF. I've also not gotten any pigmentation marks from neither the sun nor any blemishes (which I typically would always get before using sunscreen everyday), and I've definitely not gotten any kind of a tan.

If you use SPF daily, try this. If you don't use SPF daily, know you should, but for whatever reason doesn't want, can't be bothered, and so forth, with the extra step, try this. If you don't use SPF daily, and you don't care, still use this. Your skin will thank you, very quickly, by being healthier, happier, more balanced, less damaged, less wrinkly, and you'll seriously lessen your chances of getting skin cancer on you face. All that from just using a different primer than the one you are using. For me, this product couldn't be any better. I literally cannot think of any way I would improve it, short of it predicting the lottery numbers, of course.

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) -

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