Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum II

I received the first Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum as a press sample before it was even released, and have re-purchased it since. The new version, Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum II was released some time after, and I went straight onto trying the new version. I've reviewed the first one, and thought I might as well review the new updated version as well.

As I'll be referencing the first serum a lot I thought I'd leave a link to the review of the old version here. Unfortunately I don't have the ingredients list for the first one posted to compare with the new, which is a bummer. I do have the ingredients of the new one in this post though, so if you find the old formula somewhere you can still compare the two.

So what's new in the updated version? Besides adding a few new patented ingredients, and updating the formula, the packaging is also different. In my opinion it's improved. The brown stripes on the cap is gone, and now it's all gold.

The difference between the formulas is minimal. Estee Lauder does claim ingredients are more advanced and have added some patented high-tech ingredients to the mix, some in cooperation with NASA. That's probably all true, but I don't personally notice much of a difference. Advanced Night Repair, as in the classic serum, was always a long-term results kind of serum, and the eye serum is the same thing. It's definitely possible that it's much, much better, I just can't tell much of a difference today. Not that that's bad. I didn't really want there to be much of a difference, as I absolutely loved the old formula. Finding them to perform pretty much the same, means I love the new version just as much.

Texture-wise it's also pretty much the same. It's a white-ish, thin serum, that isn't at all runny, but spreads super easily. You need very, very little and a 15ml bottle lasts me 8 months to a year. That's with use every morning and night, no exceptions. I even take this with me when I am travelling. I do that because I see such an immediate difference when I don't use it. I look much more tired, makeup doesn't work the same, my eye cream doesn't sink in as well.. Basically, everything works better when I use this, so of course I'm going to take it with me everywhere I go.

I still haven't tried any other eye serums than this, so I can't compare it to anything. I'm half tempted to try something else when I finish this, but also not as I can't imagine how any serum could do any more for my eye area than this does. If you use an eye serum, but don't find it gives the results I've described, give this a try. If you aren't using eye serums at all, definitely try this. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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