Review: Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil

I received a sample of this somehow, it must've been while travelling as nowhere that's usually available to me sells Nude skincare. Either way, it was love at first use. I'm now on my second or third bottle that I'm about to finish, and I've got a back up ready to go. Since the first time I used this I simply will not be without it, now let me tell you why.

The product comes in a purple tinted glass bottle, with a silver lid and dropper. While the product isn't completely protected from sunlight due to it being a bit see-through, and the dropper, the tinted glass does protect the ingredients from degrading much better than a lot of other serum bottles.

The oil is yellow in colour and quite thick. This is definitely not something I'd recommend buying for daytime use, unless your skin is extremely dry. I use it as an overnight treatment, and when I use it I use it in place of both serum and night cream.

The ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil is described as an anti-aging facial treatment oil, which is a fitting description. The ingredients list on this is incredible. Theres tonnes of amazing oils, omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 and it's all vegan and GMO free. Some of the oils in this are sunflower seed, abyssinian, jojoba, sea buckthorn, sweet almond, apricot, black cumin, rosa damascena flower, and even more.

This definitely treats the skin. When I use it I apply it expecting results like I would an overnight mask, and it always delivers. This is one of my absolute safe-bets. When I use this my skin always looks better by next morning, no matter what condition my skin was in the evening before. Skin is plump and hydrated, radiant, smooth, soft, even, brighter and all of the other magical words. I don't think it matters at all what your skin type or concerns are, your skin will love this no matter what.

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