Review: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

I've used several bottles of the original Advanced Night Repair and wrote a full review of that on the blog that you can read here. I went on to purchase the new version after finishing my last bottle of the old version, and as I'm nearing the end of this one I thought it was time to compare the two.

The new bottle is basically the same as the old. It has the brown tinted plastic bottle with the dropper. The only difference I see packaging-wise is the now gold lid, instead of the gold and brown stripes. In my opinion it looks better 

Now for what's inside. The original formula was always a good all-rounder for me. A serum that would do most things at the same time, but nothing really really well. It was a great product to use when my skin was behaving and not in need of anything in particular. A nice overall boost for the skin, and I would say the new serum is all of the same things.

Estée Lauder claims it makes skin smoother, more hydrated, more even toned, more radiant, healthier and fresher. I would say it does all of those things. None of those are new though, it was pretty much the same things the last version delivered. 

Now for how I feel the two really are different. I feel like the new serum definitely delivers a lot better on the glow and radiance front. While the last ANR didn't give any immediate results, the new one does. My skin is definitely more radiant, glowing, hydrated and healthy looking by next morning.

If you enjoyed the last ANR serum and still haven't tried the new one, you can safely do so, and you will definitely enjoy it as much as the last one, if not more. If you haven't tried the cult favourite yet, definitely do. It's not going to fix any major issues you have, then you'll need a more targeted treatment, but it's good for an overall boost to your skin when you just want something that works.

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) - 

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