Review: Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum

As I've mentioned before Maple Holistics very generously sent me a few of their products this fall. I've loved everything so far. I've gone through about half of the Vitamin C serum and feel I've used it long enough to give my opinion, so here comes my review.

The oil/serum comes in a brown glass bottle with a dropper. The dark tinted glass protects the serum quite well, at least better than clear glass would. Vitamin C serums are notorious for loosing their potency quickly, so I make sure to keep this away from any sunlight or regular light when I'm not using it.

The product itself is an oil serum mix, but even though it's an oil it's quite thin and absorbs really quickly. It might actually be the quickest absorbing serum I've ever used, and that includes the super light cream-based ones. The smell is rather odd, kind of like toast, but it's not at all a bad scent. I quite enjoy it, it's just it doesn't smell of roses or lemons or anything like that.

The ingredients list includes an impressive array of skin treats, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, Algae extract, Ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid. With all this it's no wonder it keeps my skin in really good condition.The vitamin A makes this a product I reserve for night time use. By morning my skin is really balanced and clear, bright, more even toned, but plumped and hydrated. I do use this with my La Mer on top, it would absolutely not be enough to use on it's own, and I don't really think it would be for anybody. Yes there is hyaluronic acid, but overall this isn't a hydrating serum at all, so you'll definitely need to use your night cream as well.

Overall I really enjoy this serum. I don't know why I keep having lower expectations of natural skincare when I've been impressed so many times already, but I do. Organic or not, this is a good product. The texture and feel of the serum is just as nice and luxurious as any non-natural product.It also performs really well. It doesn't give as much of a full-on brightening effect as my LING Hi-Vit C 12% Serum does, but this isn't just a vitamin C serum, so I didn't expect it to. This does a few things very well and takes care of my skin all around. This isn't a serum I would use alone, but in rotation with other more targeted serums. This is really nice for days when I want just a bit of everything. Quite like the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, this is a really good all-rounder. If you've been looking to venture into more natural skincare, or have already, this is definitely a product, and brand, to look into.

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