Review & Swatches: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in 03 Cocoa Mirage

With all the nude palettes and nude matte palettes that have been released by now, I thought I'd talk about an "old classic", the ultimate-nude-mattes, staple-in-your-collection palette, in my opinion; Tom Ford's Cocoa Mirage.

Tom Ford packaging doesn't need much explaining by now, we've all seen it. Beautiful dark brown with gold accents. Comes in a nice brown dust bag of sorts. The compact is quite large, but nothing you can't easily take with you in your handbag. It's fairly light in weight - not cheap feeling light, but not overly heavy like for example a Guerlain Meteorites compact. Inside the lid is a large mirror that stands up on it's own, meaning you can actually use this to apply your makeup should mirrors be nowhere around. Two brushes are included which aren't completely useless. These can definitely be used if you find yourself without brushes in need of some colour on your lids.

Inside the compact are four large squares of eyeshadow. There are three mattes and one with a bit of shimmer. The mattes are the two top shades and the one on the bottom right. The first one is a cream white shade, the second is a light brown shade with a hint of taupe to it, and finally there's the pretty dark brown, but not so dark you can't use it everyday. The shimmer shade is only slightly glittery, also perfectly suitable for everyday wear. At least in terms of the shimmer. It is the darkest shade in the palette, and a pretty dark brown so depending on your skintone it could be a bit intense for daytime wear, but that depends on you and what you are comfortable with. One can say that the three matte shades are perfect everyday colour, and the dark shimmer shade is one to add to bring your daytime look to night time.

The quality of the eyeshadows themselves are impeccable. There's a reason why I've added so many of the Tom Ford palettes to my collection - the quality is truly outstanding. They blend with barely any work at all, the pigment is very nice. I feel like I have so much control when I use these, and they always just turn out looking perfect and just the way I want them to. There's no clinging to one spot and not blending, there's no packing on the shadow to get it to show up. They also last really well on my lids. When I use these they stay as I apply them almost all day or night.

Cocoa Mirage is a bit boring. Definitely. It's just three browns and a cream shade, who doesn't have that already? However, it's the quality that sets this apart. That and if you are spending this much on an eyeshadow palette, it's nice it's one you can get a lot of use out of. This is an absolute work hourse. One you can use in any look, every single day. So yes, it's a bit boring, but I honestly think that if you are new to Tom Ford and trying to decide which of the palettes to get first, this is a really good option to start with. If you have a few already, except for this one, then you know how good the eyeshadows are and I doubt you really need me telling you how it's worth the extra bucks.

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