Favourites: April 2016

April was a long month. Initially we got some nice weather with promises of spring and sun and all the good stuff, then the weather changed it's mind and we got cold, darkness and even a bit of snow! Other than that I had a fairly quiet month with no travelling, but we did paint the apartment which has been really exciting. In the product department I still didn't buy any new makeup, so those products are re-discoveries, but I do have three brand new skincare items (to me) to talk about. Let's get to it!

Burberry My Burberry Perfume ( here )
The weather got a bit nicer, and then it got cold, dark and rainy again. This is one of my favourite perfumes to wear during the fall months, and as it seems we've gotten fall instead of spring here, it's been the perfect cozy scent the past month. Notes include sweet pea, damask rose, quince, freesia, geranium, bergamot, patchouli, orange, musk and several others. Quite a lot of less commonly used notes, but I have no doubt it's the patchouli that draws me in, as I always tend to fall for perfumes with patchouli in them.

Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Cloud Nine here )
This isn't the most flashy or interesting eyeshadow, definitely not, but it's such a workhourse I just had to feature it here. This was my first attempt at Kjaer Weis products, and I am really happy to say it's been a really good one. The eyeshadow is creamy and applies really beautifully. It's a cream coloured shade with a bit of shine that I use on my brow bone, pretty much every day for the past few months (hence the pan!). All this whilst being completely natural. If I wasn't feeling overwhelmed with the amount of eyeshadows I have I would definitely add some more of the Kjaer Weis colours to my collection. I have no doubt I will at some point. 

KaplanMD Lip 20 Treatment + SPF in Sheer Rosewood Shine 
here )
I love both the formula and shade of this lipstick/lipshine. Formula wise it's a lipstick with lip balm in the middle. It's super comfortable on the lips, keeps them hydrated all day and there's SPF which is awesome. Why doesn't all lip products come with SPF? Colour-wise this is a warm brown/orange/red-ish colour. It's semi-sheer, so it gives that effortlessly put-together look. It can be applied super sheerly, or built up to quite a lot of coverage. Kaplan MD has really impressed me with both the lipsticks and lipglosses from the range, I'd really like to try some more shades.

Cane + Austin Sunscreen SPF 50 here )
This is one of the best sunscreens I have ever used. Regular readers will know I use sunscreen religiously every morning, every day, all year round. This means I need something lighter that will absorb completely and not interfere with my makeup that goes on top. This is so lightweight it's almost absorbed as quickly as you apply it. It's also full of anti-oxidants and treats for the skin. It can't get much better than that!

VERSO Super Eye Serum here )
I've been eyeing the Verso line for a while, and finally took the plunge and bought their eye serum this month. I've been using it for almost three weeks now, and am already noticing results. I don't have wrinkles yet, but I do have some fine lines around my eyes, and they have either disappeared or improved. Only in two weeks! I am excited to see what long-term results this can bring, and am definitely interested in giving more Verso products a try!

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense here )
I wasn't sure if the Verso Eye Serum would be enough on it's own, but after a few weeks realised my eyes did need some moisture on top. I decided to finally pick up the La Mer The Eye Balm Intense after wanting it for ages. I was blown away by a sample ages ago, and knew it was what I would buy when I finished all my eye creams. This hydrates like nothing else. The applicator is this cooling ball that feels absolutely amazing. If you've got dry skin around your eyes you need this! It's probably the best eye cream I have ever used, more to come on that when I write my full review!

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