Review: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

I've been really interested in getting one of all the bronzer, blush and highlighting palettes that's been released lately as it would be super convenient for travel. Imagine then how excited I was when I saw that this was getting released with not only those three products, but also eyeshadows included!

Everything about this palette is just perfect. It's small in size, but still sturdy and none of the pans are awkwardly small. It's got a huge mirror that covers the entire inside of the lid, again perfect for when you travel and perhaps the light in the bathroom isn't ideal for makeup application. You get three eyeshadows, one bronzer, two blushes and a highlighter. The products are numbered from 1-7 making it super easy even for a makeup newbie.

The shades are all very light and everything suits my pale skin perfectly. If you have darker skin or a bit of a tan I don't know if this will show up on you. Sabrina, who writes the blog thebeautylookbook, wrote in her review that it barely showed up on her. Fear not though, I've heard whispers that a similar palette with darker colours will be released. Unconfirmed whispers, but still, there's hope.

The only product in here that I don't absolutely love is the number 1 eyeshadow colour in brighten. It's the top left pale pink shade. I've read a lot of other people absolutely love it, but for me it doesn't do much. I've been using the highlighter shade for my inner corner highlight, and find I don't have much use for the pink shade at all. Other than that the rest I love. The eyeshadows are a perfect pale champagne colour for a light wash all over the lid, and the matte brown colour is perfect to use as a crease colour. I've already made quite a dent in the champagne colour and I've only had this for a few weeks!

The blushes are amazing. My favourite is the number 5 top one. I've been using this everyday since getting the palette. I know I'm supposed to use that all over, and then put the number 6 as a "pop" of colour on the apples of my cheeks, but I don't do that everyday. I do love the effect it gives though, and I am definitely interested in trying some of her blushes after being so impressed with the two in here.

The bronzer is a very nice colour, light enough for my pale skin. I don't love it as much as my all-time favourite bronzer - Terra by Tom Ford, but it's still a very nice bronzer. The highlighter is perfect. While I never ended up getting Charlotte Tilbury's infamous Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette due to the highlighter being a bit too golden for my complexion, this one is perfect. It adds the perfect amount of sheen that is still daytime and office appropriate, and while it's light it's not a stark white that I won't be able to wear when I get a slight summer tan as well.

The Instant Look in a Palette I've heard is limited edition, so be quick to pick one up if you're interested. I could not be happier with it and wholeheartedly recommend getting it. I've not been able to put it away since getting it and probably won't be for a while as I am loving it so much. I am going away on a little trip this month and will definitely take this with me. If nothing else, if you travel a lot, you should get this for the convenience factor alone. But beware, you won't be able to put it down when you get back home either.

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