Review: Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

I guess April has turned into "serum-month" as I'm about to review my third one! Though it's technically already May, which is crazy! I would've tried to write about a different type of product, but this suddenly ran out, so I kind of have to do it now. 

The Mission Perfection serum comes in a nice plastic bottle with a pump. The bottle is see-through, letting you see the holster keeping the actual product, which I am guessing to keep in with the regulations about not making it seem like there is more product than there is. Either way, packaging is good. It keeps sunlight from downgrading the ingredients, and the pump is super sanitary. It's also a good pump, you don't get too much. I use about three pumps to cover my entire face and neck. 

The serum itself is of the cream kind. It doesn't spread super easily across the skin, hence the three pumps. It does absorb into the skin nicely and really quickly, making it a perfect daytime serum, for me at least. Clarins does recommend you use this day and night for best results, but I've used it only in the mornings.

The claims for this serum is that it will target dark spots, discolourations, dullness and shadows, all without altering your skintone. I guess this mean without whitening your skintone like some brightening products can do.

Does it live up to it's claims? I think so. I didn't notice any insane immediate results, but after using up a full bottle I feel the long-term results are definitely on par with what it's supposed to do.

While I've been using this I haven't gotten any new pigmentation marks. I usually get them really easily, even whilst wearing SPF50 everyday, but I haven't gotten any new ones, that's huge. My skin has also been balanced, and comfortable every day I've been using this. I've definitely had radiant skin, and skin that's been and looked overall nice, healthy and plump. In terms of past pigmentation marks, I do feel this has helped with that. As I didn't see any immediate improvement after using this for just a week or two, I kind of gave up on it doing anything for those. After using the whole bottle though, past pigmentation marks have either disappeared or faded substantially. 

Overall a really nice serum, daytime serum for me, definitely. It doesn't do anything incredible like more targeted serums, but if you want something that keeps your skin in check everyday, this is a good one to give a try.

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