Favourites: May 2016

Summer finally hit Norway by the second half of May and has come full-blown since. The sun is out everyday and it's warm and nice and green. I don't have much skincare this month as I've been sticking to using the same stuff as I've been for a while, but there's quite a bit of makeup this time.

First I want to talk about my absolute "favouritest favourite"; the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette ( review ). As you can tell from the picture, this has gotten a lot of wear. I've pretty much used it non-stop since I got it. Everything works together perfectly, and I barely need to use anything besides this palette when I do my makeup (besides base, mascara, brows and lipstick of course!) and I'm ready so much faster than before. I'm still not sure if this is limited edition or not, as I've heard people say both that it is and isn't. It's sold out everywhere at the moment, but it was once already and it came back in stock, so if it does you NEED to get it! It's one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

I have two other makeup products to talk about this month. One is a mineral powder foundation, the infamous BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation ( here) . I've been moving through a lot of my base products this year, and have now moved onto a tinted moisturiser. While some days I find it covers enough with just a light layer, other days I find I wish I had a bit more coverage, and so I simply apply this powder foundation on top, and I have more coverage in just a second. It's also really good on it's own and gives a super natural finish. The only downside I have with this is that it's not super long-lasting.The shade I am using at the moment is N10 Fairly Light.

I don't feature a lot of Mac products on the blog. Mostly because I don't own a lot of Mac, and what I do have is mostly quite old. I have had a bit of a renaissance with the brand the past year or so, buying an item here and there. This one, the Mac Pro Longwear Blush in Baby Don't Go was all due to a recommendation made by Michelle from Makeupmlc on youtube. She was right, this is an absolutely incredible bronzer for my fair skin. It gives a super natural contour, or a more bronzed look when slightly dusted all-over. If you've got pale skin and struggle with finding a bronzer that works, definitely give this one a look!

Now for the perfume I've used the most in May! It's definitely the Herm├ęs Jour d'Hermes Absolu ( here )! This is a gorgeous fruity scent, that isn't just the typical lemon one-note scent. This smells of freshly squeezed apricot and grapefruit, but it's a warm scent with a few twists to it making it really interesting and different. Though I tend to gravitate towards this more in the warmer months, it's definitely one that can be worn year-round. If you enjoy Byredo's Pulp, you'll probably love this one as well! The notes are apricot blossom, grapefruit, jasmine sambac, gardenia, floral notes, woody notes and oakmoss. Smell it if you get the chance, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Finally I have two skincare items. One I've talked about several times; the Supergoop! Eye Cream with Oat Peptides Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 37 ( here ) has been featured in several favourites before and I've written a full review on it. I've used this as my one and only day time eye cream for years now. Mostly due to the high SPF, which is why I thought this month was the perfect time to feature it again. Beyond the SPF it's a really nice eye cream for during the day as well. It moisturises well, but isn't heavy and won't interfere with makeup.

My last favourite for the month of May is a lip balm, and it's one I bought recently; the Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm ( here ). I've always been curious about the Malin + Goetz line and have used several samples which I all enjoyed. I absolutely love a Mojito, so when I discovered they have a Mojito line I was really excited to try it. I decided to start with the lip balm, as I'm so stocked up on everything else. While this unfortunately smells and tastes nothing like a Mojito, the lip balm is really good. It's kind of oily, but not at all greasy or thick. It's thin, but not runny and doesn't end up everywhere. What makes it so good, is that it's really hydrating and soothing, and treats the lips really well, whilst still feeling light on the lips. If you've always got dry lips, like me, I think you'll love this!

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