Favourites: June 2016

So I went on a bit of an unplanned and unexpected break from the blog. There was just a lot of changes happening in June, and I was really short on time, and the blog just had to be one of the things to be put on hold. I am now officially on my summer holiday though, and can't wait to have time to get back into everything. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays, or if it's not just yet for you, that you will when the time comes.

First off I have two skincare items, one new and one old favourite. First I'll talk about the Filorga Optim-Eyes Eye Contour here ), which is the new product and one I only started using the past month. This is really good. It hydrates really well, brings back life to my eyes when they look nothing but tired and almost lifeless and helps with fine lines (and wrinkles apparently, but I don't have those yet). It can be used both under the eyes and on the eyelid, all without irritating my eyes, and my eyes are sensitive.

Caudalie is a very recurring brand on my blog, because I've absolutely loved it since the first time I tried anything from them. No matter what there's always at least one product by them in my rotation. If I wasn't so keen on trying everything, this is probably the one brand I would just stick to, as it's always really good and works well with my skin. Part of one of their more recent lines released is the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Broad Spectrum SPF20 Anti-Wrinkle Fluid here ). This is full of antioxidants and nutrition, and always gives my skin a mega boost visible in both a glow, balanced skin, comfortable skin, and skin that feels stronger and gets less irritated. The best part is that though nutritious, it absorbs completely and doesn't sit heavily on my skin. It's fantastic, the whole Polyphenol range is.

I bought a new perfume in June. I haven't for a while as I have a bit too many and would like to finish some up before buying more, but I've wanted the Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum here ) for a while and when I saw a leftover christmas box set on massive reduction I just couldn't pass it up. It's a version of the typical Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess "sunscreen lotion" type of scent. If you like those this is definitely worthy of a sniff. It's an excellent interpretation of that, I think, and it's incredible in how it's really warm and enveloping, but still feminine. The notes are african orange flower, vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin and pink pepper.

Not that I've really ever gone off them, but June was another month I kept on loving the eyeshadow sticks. This month I've really enjoyed By Terry's offerings; the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock here and Bronze Moon here ). They glide on effortlessly, stay put all day and give an incredible sheen and sparkle to the lid.

Quite a recurring summertime favourite, the Tom Ford Lip Color in True Coral ( here ) is featured yet again. I can't help it. Summer swoops in, and out of my lipstick drawer comes True Coral. I've tried using it during the rest of the year, but it definitely doesn't look as good as it does with bronzed glowing skin, light makeup and this as the statement piece. Beyond the colour, the formula is fantastic - opaque, lasts all day, doesn't dry my lips out or irritate them. It also lasts forever as I've used this so much, and there's still quite a bit left.

Finally I have my Guerlain Meteorites Perles Primer ( review - here ). This is an old favourite. I was down to just two glow-boosting primers that I wanted to finish at least one of before re-purchasing this, but as the weather got warmer I felt I didn't have a choice as my makeup simply wouldn't stay put. This is an absolutely fantastic primer for keeping makeup on, face shine-free, but still with a healthy glow. This has gotten a nice packaging-revamp, but the product is still the same according to the sales assistant I bought it from. I don't feel like it's any different from the older version, so I guess I can confirm it's still the same one, which I am so happy about as it's probably my all-time favourite primer.

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