Review: Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF 50+ Cream

Keeping with the SPF trend, I have another SPF containing product to talk about today, a sunscreen to be exact, and this one is by now famous and easily available, french pharmacy brand Bioderma.

Bioderma's Photoderm SPOT contains an SPF 50+ and is supposed to focus on preventing hyperpigmentation and brown spots specifically. Most sunscreens do this in some way by just protecting the skin from the sun, but Photoderm SPOT goes a bit beyond that. It does this with an ingredient called glabridin, which is derived form licorice extract. You'll find some form of licorice extract, or derivative of it, in many anti-ageing and brightening skincare products. It's basically this ingredient, plus the sun protection that help prevent pigmentation marks. Most sunscreens don't do anything beyond protecting from the sun, and this one is quite cheap as well, so while it's not super advanced and full of different ingredients to help advance it's purpose, I'm still happy that it's there. Especially as I tend to suffer from pigmentation marks, even with using SPF50 daily, all year long.

The sunscreen comes in a smaller, very slim white plastic tube. It contains just 30ml of product which isn't that much compared to most face sunscreens, typically containing 50ml. I actually love that it's smaller. It makes it perfect for travel, and easy to keep in a hand bag if you are going makeup free and need topping up, for example during a longer hike, ski trip in the mountains etc. The slimness of the tube and the lightness of the plastic packaging adds to this further.

In terms of performance this goes on semi-white, but after it's absorbed it doesn't leave a white cast. It also barely smells of anything. I can detect the faintest smell if I put the product right up under my nose, and really try to smell it, but who does that, and so basically it doesn't have a smell. It hasn't irritated my skin, interfered with makeup or in any way negatively affected my skin. If anything it's been good for my skin as I've noticed my skin being a bit more clear and bright since starting to use it.

Overall this performs really well, works well with my skin and is pretty cheap. It also comes in really handy light and portable packaging. I am super happy with it and will definitely buy again when I run out. If you are looking for a new sunscreen to try, I highly recommend giving this one a try!

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