Review: Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46 PA+++ Powder

It is summer so naturally I've been focusing a lot on using products containing SPF, and the higher the SPF the better in my opinion! One of those products is the Protection Naturelle Powder by Chantecaille with a whopping SPF 46! It has become a go-to for me this summer, now let me tell you why.

The powder comes in all plastic packaging, but sturdy good quality packaging, so nothing feels cheap about this. It shouldn't, as the price is quite the monstrosity. It's see-through at the bottom, so you can easily see how much product you've got left. When you take off the silver cap, attached on top of the powder is a brush applicator that you need to slide out of its plastic holster. Then you simply dust the brush all over your face, and you get the most perfect light application of powder. It's completely translucent, so it's difficult to be sure wether you've got some on, but trust me, you do.

The packaging of this is a big part of why I love it so much. It's almost impossible to top up on SPF after you've applied makeup, so this is a life saver for days when I've been out for a long time, the sun is still burning hot, and I know my skin isn't really protected anymore. I just take this out of my hand bag, quickly dust it over my face and voila, sun protection.

I've also been using this when I'm not wearing makeup, because the finish it gives to the skin is really nice. It takes away any unflattering shine, but everything still looks absolutely natural, with a healthy radiance.

The price of this is insane. Just to put that out there. It cost me €92.00 which is more than I really was prepared to pay for a powder, but by the time I realised the price the sales assistant had already gift wrapped one for my mother so I felt like oh well. That means that, yes, I did buy two at a time, which was semi-painful, indeed. For €92.00 you get 2.5g/.088oz of product which also isn't a whole lot. Basically, there is no way to flip this into being in any way, shape or form a good deal. What I will say is that you can buy a re-fill later for around €30, which is definitely a lot better. Honestly, I wish I'd just bought the re-fill straight, and some container to just keep it in. The brush on-the-go is awesome and super convenient, but you are essentially paying €60 for it, which kind of pains me to even think about.

Either way and price aside, the product is really good and the brush on-the-go is super handy, and I absolutely love it now that I have it. I'm not sure I'd buy it again with the brush, should I ever loose it, but I will definitely buy the re-fill once I do run out of this. It's quickly becoming one of my favourite products, and an absolute staple in my handbag.

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