Review: Armani Eye Tint in '9 Cold Copper'

I’ve read and seen raves about the Armani Eye Tints since they were released a few years back, but for some unknown reason never ended up actually trying any of them. After reading another wave of great reviews for these lately, with the release of the new matte eye tints, I decided it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about.

Armani’s Eye Tints come in what’s classically a lip gloss type of packaging. It’s a long tube, with a doe-foot applicator. This is the first eyeshadow product I’ve used with this kind of applicator, and in this kind of liquid form, and I have to say I quite enjoy the application method. Compared to pots at least, this gets a whole lot less messy, especially when my nails are a bit longer.

The downfall of the packaging is the same I’ve experienced with another Armani favourite product - the corrector, and it is that it tends to leak a bit. By that I mean excess product tends to leak down the sides at the opening and in turn it can get a bit messy. I do find that if I am mindful of this, it becomes much less of a problem, but it’s something to be aware of nonetheless. I also want to point out, that whilst a bit messy, nothing leaks out, meaning you can still safely keep this in your makeup bag.

The formula is liquid, but not at all runny. It’s more of a mousse-like texture. I apply this with the applicator to the center of the lid, and then blend it out with my fingers. Sometimes I add a bit more, most of the time I don’t have to. It dries quickly, and once it sets it’s stuck there, so I do one eye at a time.

The effect is beautiful. This colour is particularly flattering - a light bronzy champagne colour. It’s stunning as a lid colour. I found some days this summer I would just add this to my lid, and absolutely nothing else, and it would give a bit of radiance to my eyes and make me look more well-rested and awake. 

The best part is the lasting power. It pretty much stays put all day. While it’s shiny, it’s subtle and not at all too much for more conservative offices. I absolutely love this, for the formulation and the excellent shade. If there are other shades in the this formula I like, I’ll definitely be more to my collection!

- Get it here (US) & here (UK/EU) -

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