Review: LING Hydra Squalane Advanced Nourishment Solution

Longtime readers of the blog will know my love for the LING serums. I'm currently on three I can't live without and keep re-purchasing. I've already written full reviews of two of them - the Hi-Vitamin C 12% Anti-Oxidant Brighetning Solution ( here ) and the Oxygen Plasma Potion ( here ). Both have also been featured in several favourites posts, as has the one I will be writing about today; the Hydra Squalane Advanced Nourishment Solution. I thought now was the perfect time to write about it especially, as we are all gearing up for colder months and I know a lot of you will be looking for more hydrating products soon.

The product comes in the same packaging as the entire LING serum line - glass elongated bottle, with a white plastic pump. Some LING serums come with a dropper, this one has a pump. I've been through several bottles of this and have never had any problems or complaints with the packaging.

Hydra Squalane is a serum in oil-form. It's a thinner oil that absorbs, but after a bit. I wouldn't recommend using this during the day, unless you are very dry or already enjoy using oils during the day. My point is that this isn't a product to buy for a light daytime top-up of moisture, like with Caudalie's Vinosource serum which is perfect for this purpose.

The results I get from this is quite incredible. I typically apply this as an overnight treatment. I usually skip night cream when I use this, though have added it occassionally if my skin has been particularly dry. This does such a good job moisturising, however, I doubt it's been necessary even those times. 

The morning after using this my skin is visibly more plump, moisturised and absolutely glowing! Skin feels more healthy overall, stronger and firmer. While other serums do a few of these things, I haven't come across any other that do all of them, and all of them as well as this.

If_your skin could benefit from any of these things, or a bit of a moisture boost especially, you will absolutely love this. If your skin is dry especially you will be amazed at the results this will give your skin. This is so, so good and I just can't recommend it enough. 

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