Empties: August 2016

The empties I have to show for the month of August are quite impressive, if I can say so myself! There's quite a lot of products I've been trying to use up, or simply have been using, for a long time. I've also used up quite a few makeup items, which is always the most exciting of all!

The Body Shop Spa of The World Hawaiian Kukui Cream 350 ml ( here )
This was amazing! The cream is so thick and luxurious. It makes skin super soft, even if it's on the drier side before. The scent is also incredible - complex and sophisticated, but still very muted and soothing. Definitely a body butter I would love to buy and use again.

La Roche-Posay Posthelios After-Sun Face & Body 200ml ( here )
This is my second or third tube of this stuff. It's great. Lightweight, but still very soothing and hydrating, and not greasy or thick.

Roger & Gallet Bois d'Orange Invigorating Shower Gel 200ml ( here )
I bought this when I was in a bit of a pinch in Barcelona this summer, as my travel sized shower gel had finished too quickly. I love the hand cream in the range, but this one is not good. The smell was synthetic and the formula was a bit drying. It was ok enough to finish the bottle, but it's not something I'll buy again, even if in a pinch.

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream 100ml ( here )
I love this. It does help tone your body by getting rid of excess water. It's also very hydrating, but absorbs and can be used for everyday.

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Pumpkin Frost Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 29ml ( here )
This smelled so good! Beyond that it worked on par with any other antibacterial gel I've used. If I should ever come across a Bath & Bodyworks shop again, I'd love to get some more of this scent or similar!

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Bergamot + Lime 92g ( here )
This is much better than the version in the pot and the best natural deodorant I've tried. It's still a little bit messy, but considering you get none of the bad stuff it's worth it. I'll be buying again!

HAND Chemistry Intense Youth Complex 100ml ( here )
I've been through quite a few tubes of this now and still love it. It hydrates well without being greasy, perfect for both day and night time use.

Diptyque Opopanax 190g ( here )
I just featured this in my august favourites post. It's a beautiful calming vanilla-based scent, featuring opopanax and balsamic notes as well. I loved it, definitely a candle I'll be looking to re-purchase.

Lancome Ô de L'Orangerie 7.5ml ( here )
I had two minis of this fragrance and I've now used up my second and last one. This was a perfect summer fragrance - light, fresh and citrusy. It has notes of orange flower, citruses, jasmine, orange, bergamot, cedar and benzoin.

Vera Wang Princess Night Eau De Toilette ( here )
This was a nice night-time fragrance. It's a bit sexy and dark, but has some fruity notes to make it sweeter and less intense. If you don't like the heavier scents, but want something a bit more impactful for going out, this could definitely be one to check out. It has notes of vanilla, sugar, raspberry, red berries, watermelon, jasmine, woodsy notes, musk, rose, orange flower and frangipani.

Deborah Lippmann Addicted To Speed 15ml ( here )
I love this top coat! I've used quite a lot of quick-drying top coats in my day, but this is by far the best. It's got my nailpolish touch-dry in about 2 minutes, and dry in about 15. It's incredible. It's also free from a lot of chemicals you get in other nail polishes. I've already re-purchased.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc 150ml ( here )
No need for me to go into detail on this one. I've used this every morning for possibly two years now, with no other products in-between. I use this and this alone, and have already moved onto one of two backups. If you can't tell; I love this, and definitely, definitely recommend it to absolutely everyone!

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet 40ml ( reviewhere )
Another favourite I've purchased more times than I can remember. This is a simple moisturiser that hydrates my skin really well, without being greasy, clogging pores or interfering with makeup.

Caudalie Lip Conditioner 4.5g ( here )
I've never really been all that impressed by these types of stick balm products, but this one I've really enjoyed. It actually does something, which lip balm sticks usually don't do. It definitely hydrated my lips both while it was on, and left them in good condition after it had disappeared. It's also so easy to keep in my handbag and just re-apply (as opposed to the pot ones). Definitely one I'll buy again once I've pared down my "stash".

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Cream 30ml ( here )
Another product I've talked about many times before as I've gone through so many tubes of it. It's a beautiful cleansing cream, perfect for day and evening routines. It's lighter so it comes of with splashes of water, but it's thick enough to really massage into the skin and getting it clean. Highly recommended.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream 7ml ( here )
Another one I've used several samples of and absolutely love. This always gives my skin the best texture. Pores are smaller, skintone more even, and no clogged pores or imperfections. An absolutely amazing cream, that you can use I'd say from 25 years up. Definitely a recommendation. I will be buying the full size, and have no idea why I haven't already.

Kérastase Age Premium Masque Substantif 15ml ( discontinued?)
This was really, really good! It made my hair super soft, shiny and manageable - all without weighing it down at all! Usually I have to choose between intense nutrition or volume, but this gave me both. I would definitely be interested in the full size of this, but when trying to locate it online it seems it's perhaps discontinued, as I can't find it anywhere?

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Light 1 Finland 50ml ( review - here )
This is probably my all-time favourite tinted moisturiser and I can't tell you how many tubes I've been through. I always have two on hand - Finland, this one, and Alaska for when I have a slight bit of a tan. It's a beautiful tinted moisturiser that can be worn super sheer, or built up to a light medium coverage. It gives a beautiful radiance to the skin, and it has SPF 30 which is awesome. If you tend to shy away from "glowy" bases you probably won't like this one, as it is quite glowy, but if you love all the radiance you can get, definitely check this one out.

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Light 2 Mont Blanc 30ml ( review - here )
I love this foundation. You get amazing coverage with the thinnest layer. It's really natural, gives a nice glow to the skin, and lasts well. It's not the longest lasting foundation I've ever used, but it's good. The colour also suits my skintone perfectly, and there's a lot of colours available, so chances are you'll find one that suits you perfectly as well. I've already re-purchased and started using a new bottle.

Kjær Weis Eyeshadow in Cloud Nine ( here )
This was just a neutral light "beigey" colour I used as a base colour. The formula of this is so good. It's smooth and almost a bit creamy, but still pigmented and goes on really smooth and even. I'll be keeping the compact and buy a re-fill for it after using up at least a few more eyeshadows. I am definitely interested in adding some more Kjaer Weis eyeshadows to my collection, but as they are natural and preservative-free, I feel I should wait until I've used some more eyeshadows up and can commit to using it regularly.

Max Factor False Lash Effect 13.1ml ( here )
I bought this on a super-sale and I guess there was a reason for it. The mascara was good, it gave a very natural, but fluttery eyelash-effect. It's just it was probably quite old and kind of had the smell of paint after a very short amount of time being open. I used it for about a month, which isn't that bad actually, considering the price I got it for.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush ( here )
Finally I have a makeup item I am downsizing. As I've mentioned over and over in my empties post this year, 2016 is the year I am focusing on downsizing my lip products. Not like before where I'd like to, but really focusing on actually making it happen. In that spirit I've been trying to rotate through my stash and using everything, seeing how I like it etc. as much as possible. While I absolutely love the colour of this, it tends to stick to dry patches on my lips and after the first application, it ends up looking patchy and uneven. Not a good look, so into the bin it goes. This is definitely a colour I want to look to replicate in a different formula once I've reached an amount of lip products where I'll start buying them again.

Normal: 10
Deluxe Sample: 4
Sample: 2
Makeup Item: 5
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 0
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 1
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 0

2016 TOTAL:
Normal: 105
Deluxe Sample: 26
Sample: 45
Makeup Item: 32
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 4
Sample Makeup Item: 3
Nail polish: 4
Mini nail polish: 1
Jumbo Size: 3

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