Review: Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Pasiphae, Dione, Callisto & Desdemona

These aren't really all that new and exciting anymore, but as I've been using them a lot recently, and have been considering adding more to my "collection", I thought I'd write another "post-hype" review. I like to do these sometimes as it's very easy to get swept up in all the raves and hypes on blogs and youtube, but then it's really after that's all passed you find out how you really feel about a product.

The Dual Intensity eyeshadows were released about mid-year through 2014. That's over two years ago which makes me realise how time seems to just fly by, but that's another topic. There were initially twelve shades released, with several limited edition ones released since, some of which have been added to the permanent line-up. There was also a Dual Intensity palette released, the "NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette" which I have, and reviewed here.

The shadows are of the dual kind (pun intended), meaning you can use them both wet and dry. Dry they have a bit less intensity and are a bit more wearable for everyday, wet most of them turn into legendary status-worthy shine spectacles. Personally I've barely used any wet, as I just don't enjoy using eyeshadows wet. It does work though, I can attest to that.

The formulation is excellent. While they initially apply much nicer using the fingers to apply with, after getting through the top layer, a brush gives beautiful shiny results as well. The best brush I've used with them is the Nars #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush ( here ). That is the brush that came with the eyeshadow palette, and one that I have since bought the full size of. Still, after getting through the top layer of the eyeshadows, I can use even my softest Rae Morris brushes with them with great results. I still do like to take a bit on my finger and smooth the shadow across the lid just slightly at the end.

Beyond the formula I would like to get into the colours more and how I use them. This as I've talked about the formula in both my review of the palette and my initial review of Pasiphaehere.

First off I wanted to talk about my two most used shades; Dione (left) and Callisto (right). Both are lid shades, or at least that's how I use them. I am rather pale though, so I would assume these could work as amazing highlighting and inner corner shades for those with darker complexions. Callisto is a beautiful "icy pink silver", as described on Sephora's website. That is definitely true of the reflection it provides. The part that doesn't reflect the light is a muted deeper lilac shade. A very brown leaning lilac. It's difficult to describe, but it's absolutely beautiful. This "duality" of the shade is what makes it wearable. Icy pink silver doesn't really sound like anything I'd like to rock beyond an 80's dress up party, but Callisto is much more complex than that.

Then we have Dione. This is my most used shade. It's a a light brown champagne colour, with a light golden reflection, and a deeper, but not very deep brown shift where the light doesn't hit. This is the most wearable colour of the bunch, this and I would say Himalia, but those are also the most dupeable. While not the most exciting shade, this is a great one for everyday wear, and if you are in the market for a Dual Intensity eyeshadow you'll get a lot of use out of, this is probably your best bet (or Himalia). While the colour itself is pretty safe, the shine adds a bit of something extra, and a bit of extra life to your eyes, without crossing over into un-office-friendly territory. One of my most used everyday lid shades.

Now for the two eyeshadows I have that I definitely use less than Dione and Callisto, but that are infinitely more fun. First I'll talk about Pasiphae, which was initially released as a limited edition shade, but has since been added to the permanent line-up. As I mentioned previously in this review, I have already done a full review of this shade, which you can read here. Pasiphae is an absolutely stunning mid-tone brown shade with green reflections. I've said before that the brown base colour, and the subtlety of the green makes this one you can use at work. Not at conservative offices, but if you work somewhere a bit chilled out, a light sweep of this as a lid shade can definitely be pulled off. I've found using this lightly with lighter crease shades make it very wearable. I can also use darker shades to deepen it up, and make it even more intense by adding water, and have quite a statement eye-look. Still today this shade is quite unique, and definitely one I think most would find a welcome addition to their collection, that they would probably be surprised at how much they'd end up using.

Finally I have Desdemona. This isn't in of itself all that unique - there are several cranberry shades around. But it's a bit unique to me as I tend to basically never buy anything dark, or non-brown/champagne coloured. Desdemona is a reddish purple with a blue-toned purple shift. The shift isn't that intense, and neither is Desdemona, in terms of shine. This is what makes it much more versatile. While I haven't rocked the red-toned smokey eye yet, and probably won't, I've absolutely loved using this to deepen up the crease when wearing darker warm-toned eye-looks. It's absolutely stunning when used this way as it adds the most incredible dimension and depth to any eye look. I especially love pairing it with Chanel's New Moon, so if you've got both I urge you to try the two together.

The purpose of this review wasn't only to be a bit of a reminder to you and myself that these shadows are wonderful, and we should all get them back out again (for those of us that have them). It was also a bit of a review for me of how much I've used these shadows, as I'm eyeing a few new shades that I would like to add to my little "collection". Going through these now in a thorough way has definitely made me decide and excited to buy more. These are still some of my favourite go-to eyeshadows.


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