Project 7 Pan: Update #1

So, the first update to this project comes a bit sooner than I was expecting to make one! I did say I would update you approximatively every two weeks, and I guess I am sticking to that, but I thought for sure my next update would be at least a few days into November. Either way, I'm updating early for a good reason; I've already used up two items! Yay!



Review: RMS "Un" Cover-Up

I love RMS beauty. Let me just say that right off the bat. I love the products I have, both current and that I’ve used up, and I really love the brands philosophy. RMS is basically an all-natural brand, and while I’m not entirely on the natural makeup train (I just can’t help it, all the non-natural stuff is so amazing), I kind of wish I was. That’s why I’m always excited when natural brands release new natural options, and am always keen to try it out. Which is why I was excited to try RMS’ “un” cover-up, which is a concealer and foundation in one.



Review: VERSO Super Eye Serum

The Verso brand has received a great deal of hype the last few years, famous for their Retinol 8 ingredient, featured in all of their products. While trying their face products have been on my to-try list for a while, and still are, it’s their Eye Serum that first got me to cave and try the brand. Retinol aren’t typically featured in eye products, and certainly not serums, so it’s quite a unique product.


Project 7 Pan Intro

After a lot of back and forth I've decided to do another project pan. I haven't done one in a while as I got a little burnt out doing them, and also I didn't feel I really had many products I felt like panning. To be honest, the reason why I'm mostly doing this now is I realised there's quite a few things I'd love to focus on using up, and while doing that, why not do some posts and share it on the blog?


Review: Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Long-time readers will remember me raving about and going through tube after tube of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum. I still love it, there’s no reason I’m not still using it other than other things needs to be used up, and I have a tendency to be a bit unfaithful with sticking to my serums. Either way, Indeed Labs are still providing some hyaluronic acid to my life, but in the form of their Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. A product that on first glance seem very similar to the serum, but is definitely a different product.



Empties: September 2016

Not only is this empties post late, it's also not as crammed full as usual. I put that down to travelling to Cannes for five days, as I did finish up a few samples there that I didn't bring back with me. While it's not an insane amount of stuff, I've finished products in every category that is the most difficult, so that I am pretty happy about, those categories being makeup, nail polish and hair products.


Favourites: September 2016

First of all I would just like to say sorry for being really vacant on the blog the past month, but my job has just simply required of me to be there and not here. As much as I love blogging, it's a luxury and the first thing that needs to go if I am pressed on time. Besides that, I've also travelled this month, which also didn't help in terms of having extra time. I went to Cannes for 5 days and it was absolutely fantastic! Long-time readers will know I go there quite frequently, and also used to live in Nice, so it's a place I know well. For my favourites this month I'll be sharing some absolute workhorses. The makeup especially, I've pretty much done the same look everyday all month, and I'm still not sick of it! Some of those products are featured this month, a long with just one skincare item and a perfume.
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