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After a lot of back and forth I've decided to do another project pan. I haven't done one in a while as I got a little burnt out doing them, and also I didn't feel I really had many products I felt like panning. To be honest, the reason why I'm mostly doing this now is I realised there's quite a few things I'd love to focus on using up, and while doing that, why not do some posts and share it on the blog?

For this one the I'd like to finish seven makeup products by the end of the year. I am considering making it a rolling one, meaning I'll add a new product when I finish one. Wether or not I do that will depend on how I am doing on most of the products when I finish my first one. If I feel like I have a good chance of finishing them all by the end of the year, I'll stick to just the products I have, but if I see I've chosen a bad product or two, I'll add others to make sure I still have a chance to finish seven, whilst still working on all the products I chose to begin with. I hope that makes sense. This also ends on December 31st no matter what. Ok, so let's get into the products I have chosen this time!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in 'Moodlight' and 'Sugar Frost'
For those of you not familiar, the Caviar Sticks are basically cream shadows in stick form. I love the Caviar Sticks and have acquired quite a few over the past two years. The downside of these are they unfortunately do dry out a bit quicker than pot shadows. These are both fine, but Moodlight is definitely starting to dry out a little bit. There's not much left in either, so I have decided to focus on getting these two used up both before they dry out and before the end of the year. I'll be using Moodlight as my everyday lid shade, and Sugar Frost as my inner corner highlight. This allows me to use both everyday, and then I am thinking I might finish off Sugar Frost as a lid shade after Moodlight is done.

MAC Eyeshadow in 'Omega'
Those of you that have read my previous project pans or use it up projects will recognise this one. It's more or less been in every project I've done, but I've never been able to use it up. I wouldn't have included it here unless I really thought I could get through it this time, and I do. I've been using it, and loving it, to fill in my brows lately and want to finally finish it up that way. This is very densely packed thuogh, so while it looks like there's not much left, this will probably take me until the end of the year still.

ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
A bit of a an easy product, but still, I'd really like to finish it off and putting it in this project will really help keep me motivated to use up those last bits around the edges. I try as much as possible to get an even mix of the different colours on a smaller brush, and use this to set my undereye concealer. While there's not much left, what I use it for doesn't take much, so this will still probably take at least another two months - though I could always be wrong!

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 356 Cherie Bow
In my quest to really downsize and use up my lip products, I've been really focusing on this one lately. There's already not much left, but I go through lip products really slowly, so this will still take at least a few weeks. It's a really nice pinky nude that I can wear to work everyday, and so it's a perfect shade to project pan.

MAC Pro Longwear Blush in 'Baby Don't Go'
I love this stuff! I only bought this right before summer, but have already hit major pan and almost finished it! I use this as a bronzer, which explains why it's going so much faster than a blush usually does. I'm still using it everyday, still loving it, and figured I might as well stick to it now and finish it all the way. If I do I've pretty much opened this, started using it, and used nothing else until I finished it. Now that's rare for me!

La Mer The Powder
Another product that was also featured in my use-it-up project. Only for the last few months of it, though. At that point I was about halfway through it, and knew finishing it was a bit of a long-shot, but mostly wanted to track my progress. Now, though, I've got about 1/4 of it left, and think I just might be able to finish it if I stick to using it everyday until the end of the year. I absolutely love the powder, love how it looks on the skin, but as I've got not much left I'd rather finish it than let this huge jar keep "hanging around". I've been really enjoying it lately and am using it everyday anyway, so I think it shouldn't be too hard to stick to using this everyday for the next two and a half months.


Ok so there you go, those are the seven products I want to focus on using up until the end of the year! I'll leave a link to the first and last post of my use-it-up project if you are in the mood for some more posts like this. For this project I will be updating at least once a month, perhaps more often if I feel like the progress is big enough to warrant a post earlier than that, but at least once a month. If you are doing any projects like these, please let me know as I love reading and watching youtube videos featuring use it up projects!

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