Review: Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Long-time readers will remember me raving about and going through tube after tube of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum. I still love it, there’s no reason I’m not still using it other than other things needs to be used up, and I have a tendency to be a bit unfaithful with sticking to my serums. Either way, Indeed Labs are still providing some hyaluronic acid to my life, but in the form of their Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. A product that on first glance seem very similar to the serum, but is definitely a different product.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about the packaging here. While you’ll never find me raving about any product's packaging so long it’s in a jar, this is the only way I will. The pump is genious. While it’s a bit annoying if you get too much product out, as you definitely can’t put it back, after you get used to knowing how much you need it’s a non-issue. The product remains sealed the whole time you use it, and as the pump pushes the product up and out, you get every last drop out as well. Every moisturizer that demands be presented in a jar should come with a pump like this.

Great packaging alone of course don’t make a product, so let’s talk a bit about what’s inside. According to Indeed Laboratories own websites, the Moisture Jelly contains “5 scientifically proven ingredients to provide instant and sustained moisture”. These are something called “PatchH20” which apparently is “a micro network moisture complex which saturates the skin with fast-absorbing ingredients and helps form a protective layer to defend against moisture evaporation”. This is suspended in a “hyaluronic acid matrix”. There’s also something called “fucogel” which “helps provide long-term binding of water and moisture”. Basically, this is all about moisture. Binding it, retaining it and adding it.

This really does what it claims to do. While it’s basically “just” saying it will give you the most comprehensive moisturisation ever, it does this, and does it really well. The best part is it comes in a super light jelly form, which makes it perfect for use during the day. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t make my skin oily or interfere with makeup, but keeps my otherwise dehydrated skin comfortable and hydrated. Indeed Labs’ website says to combine with the Hydraluron Serum for optimal results, but I don’t think you’ll need any additional hydration to this, unless you are super dry and hydration truly is your main and only concern.

Overall this is a really good product. It doesn’t do much fancy stuff, and doesn’t claim to, but it gives superior hydration, just as promised. This isn’t a moisturizer I would have as my only one, especially as my skin is only a bit dehydrated, and this can be a bit much for my skin if I use it everyday. This is great for me to have as a stand-by for those days I need some more moisture, but I still want something quick that lets me get on with applying my makeup in just a few seconds. If you have skin that leans at all towards dry or dehydrated, this would do wonders for your skin. The amazingly low price for such a quality product, makes it even better.

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