Review: RMS "Un" Cover-Up

I love RMS beauty. Let me just say that right off the bat. I love the products I have, both current and that I’ve used up, and I really love the brands philosophy. RMS is basically an all-natural brand, and while I’m not entirely on the natural makeup train (I just can’t help it, all the non-natural stuff is so amazing), I kind of wish I was. That’s why I’m always excited when natural brands release new natural options, and am always keen to try it out. Which is why I was excited to try RMS’ “un” cover-up, which is a concealer and foundation in one.

I mostly bought the “un” cover-up as a concealer and have mostly used it that way. I didn’t actually know it could be used as a foundation as well, until after I’d already bought it. Having said that, I’ve still mostly used it as a concealer. I have no idea why, but the fact that this has coconut oil in it, makes me apprehensive about applying it all over my face. The upside to that is I've found the nurturing part of it excellent for using this on skin that is drier, or especially for touch-ups around my nose when I've had a cold. For that it's been fantastic, a life saver - I had a cold for 2 weeks and no dry or red skin around my nose! All thanks to this. Which is great, but it's the reason I don't use this so much to cover blemishes etc, and mostly use it for just under my eyes and touch-ups.

Regardless of that, I’ve used it, like I said, as a concealer and it performs really well. The product is emollient and kind of slippery in texture as you apply it, but doesn’t stay that way. I dip my finger in the product and simply swipe it on underneath both my eyes. I then blend the edges with my beautyblender and proceed to set it with a powder.

Lasting power is actually really good. I find my expectations of natural products are still quite low, for no good reason, so they just keep impressing me way beyond what I even dared hope for. This blends like a dream, and stays put all day. It’s also one of the concealers I find settles the least into fine lines under my eyes. That being, almost not at all.

I’ve also grown to love using this to touch up my foundation during the day. If my foundation should separate, for example around my nose, which it sometimes tend to do, I add a bit of this to where I need it and effortlessly blends out the edges. I don’t set this with any powder, and it still lasts for what’s remaining of the day. So while I haven’t used it as an all-over base product, I’ve still used it on my face and been very happy with both results and performance.

If you are looking to use products that are more natural, or are becoming more aware of the ingredients in the products you use, this is a really great option for a concealer. It’s right on par with my other favorite concealers, from non-natural brands, both in terms of how it applies and performs during the day.

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