Empties: November 2016

November has been a really good month in terms of using stuff up! I've got a few products I've been using for ages that I all like and enjoy, but since I have ended up throwing away a whole lot of expired products in the past, I am excited to be getting into a pattern of basically not risking that. Beyond that I've finished a lot of makeup products this month which is really, really exciting as that really is what takes the absolute longest.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion 250 ml ( here )
I know writing anything about feet or foot creams are a bit of a taboo in the blogosphere, and then me starting an entire post with a foot cream must be some kind of blasphemy... But! We spend all our time standing on our feet, walking on our feet, running on our feet, I could go on. It's important to take care of them. And so to keep them soft and in generally good condition, I like to use a foot cream - every morning after my shower. This one by the Body Shop isn't anything spectacular, but it's good, and it absorbs quickly. I've got another one I bought when the Body Shop had foot products on sale, and am quite happy to move on to another bottle.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel 500 ml ( here )
I've been through so many bottles of this. Anything else in a 500 ml bottle would have me so sick of it by the end I wouldn't go near it for years, but this one I still keep returning to. It's fantastic, and an absolute bargain!

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter 200 ml ( here )
I love the Body Shop's body butters, and this one did perform well, but my god the smell. It was so fake I felt like I was smearing crushed up vitamin C pills all over my body. It smelled like citrus scented toilet cleaner. Basically, love the product, hate the smell. Good thing there are so many other scents to choose from, so I'll have no problem steering well clear of this one in the future!

Fushi Organic Calendula Oil 100 ml ( here )
Another regular feature on the blog. This hasn't reached as high a status as Fushi's Rosehip Oil, which I adore, but this is good nonetheless. This is, basically, what I buy whenever Feelunique are sold out of said rosehip oil. It's a decent supplement, not as good, but a good place filler.

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil 100 ml ( here )
This is fantastic! It really does help you get rid of excess water weight. I find it particularly good during my period, where it makes me far more comfortable than I would be without it. This is my emptienth bottle, and is something I'll re-purchase again and again as I've come to rely on it.

Voluspa Suede Blanc Scented Candle 85g ( here )
As far as scented candles go, my heart still lies with Diptyque and Cire Trudon, but this one was very enjoyable. It had good throw, especially for such a small candle, and the scent was soothing and sophisticated all at the same time. I'm definitely curious to try more of the Voluspa candles after trying this.

Nivea Deodorant 50ml
I can't remember what this was called, and the name has completely rubbed off. Not an emergency though, as I don't think anybody really cares that much what deodorant I used, but I'll say this; it's decent. I have neither a desire nor any qualms for buying it again.

Soap & Glory Hand Food in 'Smoothie Star' 50 ml ( limited edition )
I love the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star line, and have used body products from the line in the past (that I purchased abroad, it's still not available at Boots in Norway, which is really annoying!). While the products aren't any better than other Soap & Glory products, the scent I find particularly fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn't find this hand cream smelled much like the body products from the line, and frankly, not of much at all. Hand Food is a good hand cream though, so I still enjoyed it, but must admit I was a bit disappointed.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads 60 pads ( here )
I've loved these! I'd say they are a bit more efficient and active than the First Aid Beauty ones. If you have very sensitive skin, I'd at least work my way through a First Aid Beauty one first, and then perhaps move on to this one as your skin has gotten used to it. I use one pad in place of a toner, on clean skin, every 3-4 days and it keeps my skin in tip top shape. These kinds of ready pads are my new favourite way of exfoliating my skin.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc 150 ml ( here )
There's one of these in almost every empties post. I go through one in about a month to a month and a half. That's fast, sure, but it's also super cheap. If you want skin that is just better than it is, buy this. It does everything. One of my can't live without, desert island products, for sure.

Origins Clear Improvement 75 ml ( here )
This is the second tube of this stuff I've been through, and I absolutely love it. This one was part of a christmas set some years back, of three masks in a 75 ml size. Full size is 100 ml so it was a really good deal, if you see anything similar this year, I'd definitely go for it. Clear Improvement keeps my skin clear and decongested, all without being too drying or irritating my skin. A really good clay mask, one of the better ones I've tried.

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon ( reviewhere )
This is one of my favourite products of all time! While I'm really sad it's empty, I'm also glad I managed to use it all up while it was still good and hadn't expired. This gives my skin an incredible boost when I'm feeling a bit stressed, tired, and so on. I apply it in the evening, and by next morning my skin is glowing, hydrated, plump, soothed and clearer! It's a bit of a miracle product, and something I will definitely be buying again.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream 5 ml ( here )
I've used quite a few samples of this in the past, and while it's always good, I've never been blown away by it to the point where I feel the need to pick one up in the full size.

Burberry Light Glow Earthy Blush No. 07 ( here )
This was part of my project 7 pan, which I am doing until the end of 2016. This is also the second bronzer I've finished in that project, which is really exciting. Earthy is one of my all-time bronzers, and one I really want to buy again. Unfortunately Burberry has re-formulated and re-vamped their entire line, so this exact product doesn't exist anymore, but if the colour of the new 'Earthy' is the same, I'll definitely be giving it a try.

Mac Eyeshadow in 'Omega' ( here )
This is a great eyeshadow for filling in brows, and especially if you are a makeup artist! I've used this both when my eyebrows were a lot lighter, and as they are now, which is really, really dark brown. This looks super natural, whilst still making a difference, and it stays put all day. I've also used it to contour with on some occasions, and have to say it worked really well like that as well!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in 'Moonlight' & 'Sugar Frost' ( here & here )
I adore the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, and Moodlight is probably my all-time favourite. It's a beautiful cool toned brown with a lot of beautiful subtle sparkle. It's a fantastic lid shade! Sugar Frost is more of an icy gold - perfect to use as an inner corner highlight, or as a lid shade paired with a darker stronger lip. I love it particularly with a winged black eyeliner, and full on red lips.

Max Factor False Lash Epic in Black Brown 13.1 ml ( here )
I was so excited to try this new mascara by Max Factor due to all the hype it's been getting, but it's absolutely terrible. I made myself use it for at least a week to make sure I gave it a try, but have to admit defeat after the "mandatory" 7 days I set for myself. This does nothing for my lashes - nothing! And the weird shape makes me poke my eye with the brush constantly. Now, mascara is really different for each individual person, so there are probably a lot of people out there that do love this - but for me, this is definitely a miss and something I will never try again!

Kaplan MD Lip 20 Treatment Gloss in 'Rosewood Sparkle' ( here )
The Kaplan MD glosses are some of my all-time favourites. Those and Chanel's Glossimers. They taste like mint, feels moisturising on the lips, and there's the added bonus of the SPF 20. Also this colour is a really nice natural, slight warm-toned tint to the lips. Perfect for everyday use.

Kjaer Weis Mascara in 'Black' ( here )
Another mascara fail. This does barely anything, but still, compared to the Max Factor one, this doesn't poke my eye, so it comes out on top. This would be great if you want a natural mascara, and especially if you want a really natural mascara and want to use something completely natural. I ended up using this as a bottom-lash mascara, and enjoyed it when used like that. This is because the brush is really small and easy to use on the bottom lashes without accidentally smudging or getting mascara everywhere else but the lashes. I'll keep the tube, as I can buy re-fills for it later, and am really considering buying another one for bottom-lash use.

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform in 'Black Brown' 12 ml ( discontinued )
This one though, I really liked. It gave me nice fluttery lashes that were longer and with more volume. I even didn't mind that I accidentally picked it up in 'Black Brown', instead of black. When on the lashes you couldn't tell it wasn't black, not really, and it just looked really natural and pretty. I paired it with a warm toned brown eyeshadow look and it all just really complemented each other.

Normal: 12
Deluxe Sample: 0
Sample: 1
Makeup Item: 8
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 0
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 0
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 0

2016 TOTAL:
Normal: 135
Deluxe Sample: 32
Sample: 49
Makeup Item: 46
Deluxe Sample/Mini Size Makeup Item: 4
Sample Makeup Item: 3
Nail polish: 5
Mini nail polish: 2
Jumbo Size: 5

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