Project 7 Pan: Update #2

This post is a bit late, as I wanted to post it before the new month. Unfortunately I've been basically living at the office for the past week, so I found no time to write it before now. As I've finished quite a few products, I wanted to get this up before my empties post as otherwise that would be a bit spoilerish. I took these pictures last weekend, and in the week since I actually finished another product, which means I've finished 4 of the products still in this project.

First I'll leave some links to the first post and my first update that you can read to see the progress since then; First post . Update #1 .

MAC Eyeshadow in 'Omega'
I'll start with the products I've used up, and first the one I'm the most excited about. I finally did it! I finally finished my Omega eyeshadow! Long-time readers will know I've been trying to use this up for years, having featured it in many use-it-up projects. and never quite managing to finish it off. I finally did use up every last bit, which is so exciting! Eyeshadows are the hardest, even though I used this mostly to fill in my brows, and so are also the most fun to finish.

Burberry Light Glow Blush in 'Earthy'
This is the second bronzer I've used up in this project. To be fair - there wasn't that much left, and bronzer is one of those products you do use a bit more of, but still, I wasn't sure I'd be able to use it up this fast! To be fair, it did start to crumble and I lost a few pieces here and there, but I did overall manage to use most of what was left.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in 'Moodlight' and 'Sugar Frost'
To the left here you can see the picture I took originally for this update, and then to the right is the new picture I took just now. Originally, I had just finished Moodlight and just moved on to using Sugar Frost as  lid shade. Now as you can see I did use up a fair bit in just a bit over a week, but then the little bit that's left broke off. This made it fall out and onto my makeup table each time I went to use it, and it was just too messy and too annoying, so I'm calling it quits on that one as well. I am happy with how much use I got out of it, plus I've got another Sugar Frost mini from a christmas set of caviar sticks, so I'm all set.

La Mer The Powder
Now for the 3 products I've still got let. Now, I always said this was a bit of a long shot, but as you can see from the new line, I am finally starting to see some real progress. Do I think I can finish this up completely in the next three weeks? No, not really, but I'll give it a really good try!

Chanel Rouge Allure in '73 Clandestine'
This is one I never really intended to use up completely, but added to just make me use it more. And in that aspect, I've been successfull. I've definitely been much more concious about using this more, and have used it at least once a week. The progress isn't spectacular, but there's a lot more than there would've been if I didn't add it to this project (it would have been 0,-) so I am very happy about it still.

ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
Finally I have the product I think I can finish to make it a total of 7 products used up, as is my goal. This one certainly looked like it would be the first one out, but is still hanging around with a fair bit left. It's starting to crumble a bit around the edges though, so as soon as chunks start coming off the sides, I think what's left of this will go pretty quickly. Compared to last month you can see I've made quite a bit of progress since then. Hopefully I will be able to finish this by December 31st, making the project a success!


So there you have it. My second, and second-to-last update in this project pan. I've finished a total of 6 products, so I only have to finish one more to hit my goal! I haven't decided yet if I'll do my final post as soon as I've finished another product, or wait until the end of the month either way. I think it will depend on if I am seeing any more progress on the La Mer powder or not. Either way, until next time!


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