Favourites: January 2017

So here we are - at the start of a brand new year! Since I decided to skip my December and yearly favourites all together, I have quite a few products I'm excited to share with you today. There's more than these, but as I try to keep these posts limited to 5-6 products, I'll talk about them next time.

First off I'll start with the perfume this time. Paco Rabanne isn't a brand I've normally been very drawn to, but I received a sample of this and absolutely loved it. Paco Rabanne Olympea Intense ( here ) is an absolutely gorgeous vanilla-based scent - and when have I ever been able to resist any perfume with a heavy vanilla influence? It's still a bit deep and perfect for winter, but it's got a nice sweet "kick" to it. The bottle is beautiful, with a gorgeous amber-effect in the lid. The notes are simple; just vanilla, salt and amber. I really urge you to give it a whiff.

Now for some makeup items - both for the purpose of undereye brightening! First off we have something that is absolutely brand new to me; the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen ( here ). This is a classic highlighting pen, but with pretty decent coverage. The shade I have gives a nice brightening effect, even to my fair/light skintone. It blends seamlessly, looks super natural, lasts really well aaand there's the added bonus of the applicator. The applicator is metal and has an amazing cooling effect. I absolutely love that part about it, it feels incredible when applying and I swear I feel it helps tighten the skin around my eyes and combat undereye bags.

My second under-eye favourite this month is something I've been using for a few months now. After finishing my Armani Corrector a few months back, I landed on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Pink ( here ) to replace it with. It brightens really well and combats any under-eye darkness, whilst still looking natural. It doesn't leave any kind of pink cast and doesn't disturb any makeup I put on top. It's basically all one can ask of a corrector.

Finally I have one more makeup item, and skincare. I've raved about the Guerlain Meteorites Primer for ages, and finally decided to give the much hyped Guerlain L'Or Primer ( here ) a go. Infused with real gold, it's supposed to help smooth out the skin, whilst firming the skin and giving it a glow. I would say yes, yes and yes to all of the above. It definitely has a tightening effect, it definitely gives my skin a glow (without making it oily) and it definitely smooths the skin and helps foundation look more even. It's a bit moisturising, and I notice that after consecutive use my skin tends to get shiny after a few hours. So I use it for more special occasions or here and there. Either way; it's great and you should try it.

The last product I'll be talking about today is the La Prairie Ice Crystal Emulsion ( here ). My god this is great stuff! It hydrates my normal/dehydrated combination skin really well, but without making my skin oily at all. It gives a nice glow to my skin, without, again, making it oily. It's soothing, it helps heal any imperfections and it's helped with evening out my skintone. And it comes with a pump. Basically the perfect day cream.

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