Project 7 Pan: Finale

So it seems I took a bit of an hiatus. I promised you my yearly favourites round-up, but unfortunately I'm not going to do it this year. Work has been super hectic, I've barely been home to sleep and then run back. Beyond that I'm just not excited to write a yearly favourites post. I'm not sure why. I guess 2016 was mostly for me about trying to finally use up a lot of ok products that were still hanging around. I did certainly find a lot of new things as well, but I'm just not excited to write such a big post, so I'll skip it this year. That goes for a December favourites as well. What I will be posting though, is my finale of my Project 7 Pan and after this post, my December empties.

As usual, I'll start by leaving the links to the previous posts in the project; First post . Update #1 . Update #2 .

ELF Complexion Perfection Powder
First off let's talk about the product I did finish - the seventh one in this project, making it a success. I've used this - from start to finish, as an undereye setting powder. There wasn't much left when I started the project, but as the area I was using for is so small, it did still take until the end to completely use it up.

La Mer The Powder
The other two products left in the project was two I never really thought I'd be able to finish up entirely. One of them - the La Mer Powder - I made surprisingly great progress on though! I've kept using it after finishing the project, and since these pictures were taken, and one month on I'm getting down to the very bottom. I'll give it another month, two months max, and I think I'll definitely have used this up by then.

Chanel Rouge Allure in '73 Clandestine'
Finally I have my dark red vampy Chanel lipstick. I never set out to finish this, but I wish I had used it a bit more. I'm happy I made any progress at all though, as I would've barely remembered to touch this had it not been in the project. I only used it once between my second update and this post, so there wasn't any progress this time. I'll give this another year of use, and then I'll probably be getting rid of it before 2018 rolls around, but we'll see. Not because I'd want to get rid of it - it's a great lipstick, both in terms of shade and formula, but it's getting old. Either way, as mentioned, we'll see. I'm happy I put it in this project and saw some progress on it though.

All in all I'd say this was a very successfull project. I finished 7 products, as was my goal, and the two products I'm left with I still made some progress, the La Mer Powder I'll have finished soon enough. Doing this project definitely got me back into project panning, and I think I'll be doing another one pretty soon. Be on the lookout if you enjoy panning posts!


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