Review: Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Eye Colour in 002 Nude and 003 Shell

Burberry make some of my all-time favourite eyeshadows. I have quite a lot, and I always return to them when I need something fuss-free that just works. This goes for both the mattes and satin finishes. When Burberry announced they were re-formulating their eyeshadows I was gutted, but of course also had to give the new formula a go.

The new eyeshadows look exactly like the old ones in terms of packaging. They come housed in the now-signature gunmetal, with the Burberry pattern embossed. It's all very sleek and beautiful. The products also have a nice weight to them.

The new "Wet & Dry Glow" formulation is best compared to the old satin finish as they had a bit of a shine to them. Even though the new "Wet & Dry Silk" formulation will be more similar. The Glow formula is definitely a lot more shiny than the old one. It's still nothing over-the-top and the new formula is still very office-appropriate and subtle. It's of the now-everywhere gelé formulation, that can be used both wet and dry. I never use eyeshadows wet, I just don't like how it feels, but I'm sure you can get these to give more shine if you want, by using them wet.

I apply these with my finger. You can definitely use a brush, but I find with this type of formula, I definitely get the best results when simply "swiping" it on where I want it. I add it to the lower lid, and blend out the edges with a clean finger. This actually works really well. Similar to how I would use a cream eyeshadow.

Lasting power is great. They basically last all day. There is a bit of fading, but it fades evenly, so my eye makeup still looks nice all day long. These are top-quality eyeshadows, some of the best I've used, right in line with previous Burberry eyeshadows.

Shell is a light golden champagne colour. It's slightly warm and is an absolutely gorgeous lid-shade. If you have a darker complexion it would be beautiful as an inner-corner highlight. Lighter champagne colours tend to be cool-toned, or even with a slight green tint, so it's less common to find a nice golden one, that still doesn't look like you're wearing gold eyeshadow. It basically just gives the lid a nice shine that looks super natural. Perfect for those of you who want a super natural eye look.

Nude is a classic shiny mid-tone brown. Nothing all-that special in itself, but the wearable and super flattering colour in this really great formula, still makes it worthy of picking up. This is a colour I use as a lid shade to the office all the time, Shell as well for that matter. These are the kinds of colours you need both work effortlessly on busy mornings, and last all day through late hours and working lunches.

It's safe to say Burberry still make some of my absolute favourite eyeshadows. While I'm still on a bit of a buying freeze when it comes to eyeshadows, I can't wait to eventually try more of their colours. If you are looking for that fool-proof, easy to use, lasts all day, no fuzz everyday eyeshadow - give Nude and Shell a look.

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