Review: La Prairie Ice Crystal Emulsion

La Prairie's Ice Crystal Emulsion is a product I've raved about previously in favourites posts, and as I'm about to finish my first bottle I thought it was high time I wrote a full review.

La Prairie's Ice Crystal range is meant to target the first signs of ageing. As I'm nearing my thirties (just turned 28 eek!) I thought this would be the perfect line for me to try. Especially as their other moisturisers are much more hardcore anti-ageing. It adresses fine lines, dullness and dryness, whilst still being a lighteweight mosituriser, perfect for daytime wear.

The Ice Crystal Complex is created from flowers that survive on the top of the swiss alps through cold harsh conditions. The method in which they survive is what La Prairie set out to re-create in a skincare product. They help make skin stronger and able to better withstand the ageing effects of daily life.

Another reason why I wanted to try this is that it's one of La Prairie's few moisturiser offerings that come with a pump. I am no stranger to moisturisers that come in jars, and if I have to I'll use those too, but I definitely prefer a pump. It's not just that it's more hygienic and keeps the products active ingredients for longer, it's also that it's easier and quicker to use. Again, perfect for a daytime moisturiser that typically gets applied in the early hours of the morning. Beyond the pump the bottle itself is also absolutely gorgeous.

This moisturiser is fantastic. It's super lightweight, absorbs almost immediately - but still hydrates really, really well. It doesn't make my skin oily throughout the day, it doesn't interfere with makeup, and I can't feel I even have it on. My skin just feels perfectly hydrated and balanced and happy all day. I can't speak for fine lines as I don't really have any yet to notice any improvement on, but my skin is definitely glowing, radiant and hydrated.

You don't need to shell out as much as this moisturiser costs if you really don't feel like spending that kind of money. There are definitely cheaper options that are very comparable. Having said that, the texture, feel and results I get from using this, makes it absolutely worth it for me. So much so, that I've already bought a back-up to have ready when this one is used up. Other daytime moisturisers for me tend to either be a bit too oily, or just not moisturising enough. This gives my skin what it needs exactly, perfectly. It did this in the fall when the weather was warmer, and now in the winter when it's really, really cold. It's like it finetunes how much hydration it provides according to whatever my skin needs at that moment, on that day. I can safely say I'm addicted to this moisturiser, and highly recommend it.

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