Favourites: June 2013

I finally finished exams and went straight to New York for a little over two weeks in the middle of july. I had so many things I had wanted for quite a while that isn't available back in Norway so bought a lot of things, but well researched things, so I've been thrilled with almost all of it! Naturally then I have quite a few favourites this month, I even had to cut out a few things to not make the post too long.

After falling in love with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm I really wanted to try the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm and finally bought it at the gorgeous beauty department at Bergdorf Goodman. This stuff is amazing. I still love the Emma Hardie, but the Omorivicza feels much lighter on the skin, less oily, which makes it much more summer appropriate at least. I still can't decide which one I prefer, they are both lovely, but for now this one is absolute perfection.

Another skincare item, this one from Kate Somerville. From the first day of using the Kate Somerville Serum Sunscreen SPF 50+ I noticed such a difference in my skin. Manhattan was really hot and my other sunscreen was a bit heavy which didn't help. I didn't really realise it was heavy until I bought and switched to this though. This sunscreen is so light you really can't tell you have it on! It's also a sunscreen + primer in one so I got to skip a step, which I always love! I really recommend this one and will be seriously upset when I finish it, Kate Somerville needs to get her products available internationally!

My absolute saviour hero product for this summer, New York especially, was this mini-bottle of Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray. I decided against lugging the big bottle over with me and so bought this smaller size on the first day, knowing I was already completely dependant on it. The smaller bottles are less economical, but you can refill them which makes them a great investment. I carried this with me in my bag all day, every day and everywhere and it really contributed to me feeling much much fresher and pretty in the 'Where did all the oxygen go?' climate.

After hearing and reading raves upon raves on the Armani Foundations for the longest time I finally decided to buy one. I was really happy using just my Nars Tinted Moisturiser and really excited my skin was looking quite amazing and had been for a while now. Then I mistakenly decided to try the GlamGlow mask and I had breakouts all over my face for the remaining week and a half of the trip. It cleared mostly after a week, but it really did ruin a lot. Thank god for the US's amazing return policy, so at least I got my money back! Still though, I had to make the switch to foundation and so decided to try the Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation and at least through the horrible experience with the mask I've found my 'Holy Grail' foundation! You can't feel it on the skin at all, nor can you see it, it seriously looks just like skin! I'll be writing a full review on this, but do know that this really should be your next high-end foundation purchase!

I intended to go for an Armani concealer to go with the foundation as I'm sick of concealer/foundation color mismatch and figured the same brand would be the best bet to get the closest match. Nothing Armani had to offer was really ment for covering blemishes I think and the girl that helped me actually said I should head over to the Clea De Peau counter if I wanted something really pigmented. I have of course heard about the concealer before, but had decided against paying that much for one. I had the lady there try some on me and I just couldn't deny the amazing results. I've bought two backups before I left - all I can say is the Clea De Peau Concealer is seriously WOW!

I also finally got to try the By Terry Touche Veloutée and it's the best highlighting pen I've ever used. The mere 6,5 ml in the, frankly; oversized packaging (really annoying if you wish to travel with it) didn't last too long and I think I might have actually finished it in two weeks! I still want to buy another one though..

I got the most amazing Gift with Purchase at Bergdorf and inside it, amongst a lot of other amazing stuff, was a little sample of Kaplan MD Lip 20 Treatment Gloss in Rosewood Sparkle. I put this in my bag everyday and I loved it so much I knew I had to buy one before I left. It has a minty smell that I love and it really plumps up the lips. It also leaves them really moisturised and healthy and plump, plus it's got SPF 20 protection! Glosses can't get much better than that!

Finally I tried the Penny Lane cream blush by NARS and finally I like a cream blush. No, scratch that, LOVE a cream blush! It takes two seconds to apply, blends out beautifully and effortlessly and most of all it stays put all day - in deathly hot New York summer weather!

After all the hype surrounding the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders I knew I wanted to try one out. I opted for 'Luminous Light' and fell in love with the gorgeous finish from the first sweep. I ended up buying two more before I left; 'Mood light' and 'Dim Light'.

Finally I too fell in love with a Tom Ford lipstick. 'Casablanca' really amazed me. It's quite dark on me, but still a really elegant mauve. It went on without any need for lipliner and stayed on really well, I only had to touch up after eating, but even then it wasn't like there was nothing left, it had just faded, but evenly! I have so many more new products that I love and really want to share with you guys! I want to really try and get some good reviews out this month to make up for my absence with exams and holidays. I hope everyone is doing really well and are enjoying the nice weather we all seem to be having!



  1. I'm so envious of all your American products... I was supposed to go to the USA this summer and was gutted when my family ended up going to a different country without Sephora! Would love a post on the different Ambient Lighting powders, I have no idea how to choose a shade. :)

    1. Oh no that sucks but I'm sure you'll get a chance to go later I hope :)
      I am working on a few posts right now, one of them will absolutely be about the three ambient light powders that I have - I absolutely love them, they are gorgeous! x

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience with glam glow! I will definitely be picking up that Kate Somerville sunscreen ASAP. Great post btw!

    1. Do it! You'll love it! I've been using it pretty much every day since getting it! And yes - stay clear of the Glam Glow!! :) xx


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