Empties: November 2013

Another month with plenty of empties. I keep thinking next month there won't be as much, but every time I keep having loads. I guess I just use a lot of products for a lot of different things and that's why. Still I'm noticing my "collection" of products, especially body care is getting smaller and that gets me very excited. It's all a lot less overwhelming now and I feel I can appreciate more the things I have without feeling like I need to finish stuff up fast before everything gets too old.

Molton Brown - Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower 300ml - click here for review -
My love for this shower gel has already been clearly stated in my review and past favourites posts. The product itself is very nice, but it's the smell that makes this the most wonderful evening shower product I've ever tried. I haven't been able to find out wether Molton Brown shower gels have sulphates in them and I am trying to switch off, but I just couldn't not re-purchase this. It's the most therapeutic relaxing calming aroma and there's just nothing like it.

Roger & Gallet - Cedrat Citron Fresh Shower Gel 200ml
This is soap free and paraben free, just how I like it. It's not the best shower gel I've ever used, but I really did enjoy it. It also lathers up well despite being soap-free and it actually has salicylic acid in it, though I'm not sure enough to make much of a difference. It's not the best citrus scent around, but it's decent and makes for a nice refreshing start of the day.

Calvin Klein - Sheer Beauty Body Lotion 100ml
This was part of a set that I got the lotion part of a while back. I wasn't really expecting much of this lotion, but I have to say I was pretty impressed. It moisturises well, leaves no residue and absorbs quickly with an absolutely gorgeous scent.

Balm Balm - Calm Body Oil 100ml
I've been really getting into oils lately, the Fushi ones especially, and thought I'd give the Balm Balm ones a go just for comparisons sake as they are around the same price point. Unfortunately this one wasn't very pleasant. I found the scent to be way too strong for me personally, add to that that I didn't even really like it to begin with. The oil was ok, nothing special. I won't be buying this again.

Macadamia - Healing Oil Treatment 125ml
This is my favourite ever hair oil, far superior to the Maroccanoil, in my opinion, and I've used quite a few salon-sized bottles of the stuff. This leaves hair silky soft and smooth and really helps make a difference in terms of the health of the hair. I'm keen to try the Oribe Gold Dust oil, just because I'm curious about it, but after that I think I'll go back to this unless Gold Dust is seriously like gold dust.

Phyto - Secret De Nuit 75ml
I was so excited to finally try this when I bought it as part of my "Spending ban is over haul" at the end of last year. Unfortunately, this didn't impress me very much. I was quite surprised as I've read many great reviews online, but for some reason on my hair this did absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. I continued using it because it was a) expensive and b) maybe it would show results at some point, but nothing ever came of it. I did finish the bottle though, so I'm proud of that and happy to be rid of it. I've previously used the Kerastase night treatment and that is really good - just a heads up for anyone looking for a night treatment.

Redken - All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Mask 250lml
This stuff is amazing. If you haven't got extremely dry or damaged hair, but just a litte, this is the perfect mask. It moisturises incredibly well without weighing the hair down. I've used this everytime I had an event or was going out and it's left my hair silky smooth, shiny and light as air. Really, really recommended. I think I'll buy this again at some point, I already miss it.

Emma Hardie - Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm 100ml 
It's never fun when these two run out, as they are both staples that only need replacing anyway. The cleansing balm is a favourite of mine and while I keep wanting to try different balm cleanser I keep sticking to this as it works perfectly, so why change?

Caudalie - Beauty Elixir 100ml - click here for review -
I've gone through so many bottles of this I've lost count. I've used it for years and years and while some people don't see much of a difference, I really notice one with mine. When I'm out of this my skin is less glowing and healthy looking. I spray this over my makeup after I'm all done and it helps remove any powdery look to my skin, plus adds the most gorgeous luminous glow to my face. I'm already well into my next bottle, I always have a backup at hand.

La Prairie - Cellular Refining Lotion 60ml
This is the darker blue La Prairie toner that I believe is their most famous one. I've previously read many great reviews on this and was always curious to try it for myself. Therefore I was very excited when I received this deluxe sample of it. While it's a gorgeous toner - it's so soothing, calming and incredibly nourishing, it's not groundbreaking enough for me to pay the high price for it, I don't think. This is nice if you want to add a bit of luxury to your skincare routine, but it's not a life changing product, at least it wasn't for me.

Clarins - Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner 125ml - click here for review -
While I did love this, and still do I have actually decided not to re-purchase, at least not for now. When it comes down to it I prefer exfoliating less often, and doing it with a mask - or my newest favourite; Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I finally bought Liquid Gold after being on the fence for years and I love the results. My skin responds better to it than to the Clarins Exfoliating Toner so I won't re-purchase the Clarins one and will be sticking with my Alpha-H. I still think the Clarins toner is a great product though, that hasn't changed. It's just my skin seems to prefer Liquid Gold.

Rich Care - Hand Cream Canola Oil & Q10 30ml
This is a very nice handcream that I'm not sure wether or not is available outside of Norway so I'll keep it brief. It moisturises well, leaves no greasy residue and while it doesn't smell of anything extraordinary, it has a faint pleasant smell that won't offend anyone. Really like it, recommend it if you can get it.

Caudalie - Hand and Nail Cream 75ml
I already wrote about this in a favourites post, so it should come as no surprise that I love this. It smells wonderful, absorbs well and moisturises nicely. It's not heavy enough for the winter months, I find, but for the summer it was perfect. Apparently Caudalie have re-formulated their hand cream and I've got a mini size with a recent gift set I purchased so I'm excited to compare the new with the old. Hopefully they didn't change the formula too much, as I really loved that one.

La Roche-Posay - Lipikar Xerand Hand Repair Cream 50ml
This is one of my favourite hand creams. I use it during the night usually. This is perfect for anyone suffering from constant dry hands, such as myself. This moisturises better than anything else I've tried, but the consistency is a nice thin fluid and absorbs really well. I don't like being out of this and can notice the difference immediately. I'm looking to try the Sarah Chapman Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment when I go to London soon plus the Soap & Glory Endless Glow Hand Mask so that's why I'm currently putting off re-purchasing, but I will definitely.

Embryolisse - Lait-Creme Concentre 2ml and Lait-Creme Fluide 6ml
I don't remember these apart, but I do remember absolutely loving them. I used them as night time moisturisers and the combined 8ml lasted me a good week I think. It moisturised my skin perfectly and left it looking healthy and radiant. I know it's got tons of stuff in the ingredients list that my skin usually doesn't like, so I won't buy it, but I have to admit being rather keen.. It really was quite amazing. I am considering it, had I not read the ingredients list I would've bought this no question.

Caudalie - Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet 10ml
This stuff is seriously amazing. I got this deluxe sample as part of a gift set including my favourite Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum and fell in love with this. I've bought the full size and am currently using it.

Aesop - Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil 1ml
This is amazing. Takes makeup off like a charm and is so nurturing and comfortable for the skin. I am planning on buying the full size of this when I go to London, it's been on my wishlist since trying this sample.

Aesop - Camelia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream 1.5ml and Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream 1.5ml
I don't remember these two apart, but one of them broke me out and the other smelled horribly (in my opinion. I love Aesop and really wanted to love these as well, but unfortunately they're just not for me.

Shiseido - Facial Cotton 165 Sheets
This stuff is amazing. The best cotton out there. Can't be without these now!

Aesop - Mouthwash 50ml
This was part of a sample set I purchased called 'London'. I wasn't too sure what to think of this initially, and the taste is quite special. However, once I got used to it I really liked this - it's on my London shopping list!

RapidBrow 3ml
You've see this a few times now. I love this, it really works. Already on another tube. I will use this until my brows are just how I want them, unfortunately that's not yet, but I'm getting there.

Lancome - Ombre Absolute
I have no idea what shade this is, but it doesn't matter as Lancome has re-formulated their eyeshadows so it doesn't exist anymore. I've been wanting to finish this for aages and I can't believe how long it took me! I thought it would be rather quick as I had already major pan when I started, but I think it's been since April I've been trying to finish this. Finally!

Shu Uemura - Cream Eye Shadow in 'P Brown'
Another one that took absolutely forever! I think I've been working on finishing this from around April as well. I love the product, but I got so sick of using it towards the end, yet kept thinking I was so close that I kept at it, and it kept giving. Thrilled to be finished with it now!

Laura Mercier - Silke Creme Foundation in Rose Ivory 35ml - click here for review -
I used to really love this foundation, and I still think it's lovely. The trick to using this is using very little and spreading it very thinly across the skin. I've discovered other foundations that I really prefer to this so I won't be re-purchasing, but I do still like it and I could see myself buying it again at some point.

Yves Saint Laurent - Babydoll Mascara 2ml
This mascara is amazing! Luckily I've gotten quite a few samples the last few months so I'll be good for a while, but once those run out I'd be very happy to purchase the full size.

Kaplan MD - Lip 20 Treatment Gloss in 'Rosewood Sparkle' 0.8ml
I received this as part of a GWP at Bergdorf this summer in New York and I used it pretty much everyday when I was there, carrying this wonderful mini size around in my little handbag. Not surprisingly I finished it now, but I bought the full size there - plus got another mini of this with a recent Kaplan MD through cultbeauty so I'm thrilled. This is one of my favourite lip products, ever!

Shiseido - Perfect Mascara Full Definition 2ml
This is a decent mascara. It gives beautifully defined, thick, seperated and long lashes. It's very natural with a bit of oomph. I've never considered Shiseido for mascara before, I must admit, but I rather liked this one.

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir 1.5ml
Finally some perfume samples. This one by Juicy Couture was actually quite nice - a berry scent. Really nice for fall. If I was a few years younger I would've liked this, but I don't feel this is appropriate for me.

Giorgio Armani - Si
I really, really love this perfume. It's sweet and interesing and refreshing. I also really like the bottle. I'm really into more independent and perfume only perfumers right now, but if I wasn't I would already be an owner of this. If you don't mind commercial perfumes, I'd highly recommend this. It's absolutely amazing! 

Normal: 16
Deluxe Sample: 6
Sample: 9
Jumbo: 0

2013 TOTAL
Normal: 184
Deluxe Sample: 68
Sample: 121
Jumbo: 10



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    1. Yeah this was quite a good batch! :) x

  2. Great post! So sad to hear that the Phyto Overnight Treatment was not good! I;m definitely going to try that Redken mask.

    1. Yeah that was quite disappointing, but at least now you won't have to waste your money too! :) You'll love the mask it's gorgeous!! xx

  3. Ahh you've managed to use up so much! Need to get better at using my products ;) you've made me want to buy loads of things, especially the Aesop mask xx

    1. He he yeah I know I'm shocked as well lol! He he yeah the Aesop products are really amazing!! :) xx


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