Review: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Spend five minutes in the beauty blogging world and you're quite likely to stumble upon a post on this little orange number by REN. Undoubtedly one of, or the star product of their line I've read nothing but raves about the glycolic acid based peel mask. When I received this a few months ago, naturally I was quite excited to finally see what all the fuss is about.

All cards on the table, this was sent to my by REN to test out. I received it at the end of last year and have been using it for about two months now. It's safe to say I've put this properly to the test before writing a review about it, like I always do.

The mask comes in a practical pump bottle that is see through, it also has a free muslin cloth included inside. The product itself is yellow and a bit gel like. It spreads easily across the skin so you need very little at a time. One bottle of this will last me absolutely ages I think.

It's ment to be left on for 10 minutes, which is what I do. I never go past the recommended time when doing peels. Moisturising masks, ok, but I am not one to start tempting fate with chemicals on my face. The mask never dries down which means you will always be comfortable whilst it's on, and can actually talk or even answer the phone - a plus in my book!

Instructions tells you to remove with a warm wash cloth. I'm thinking they want you to remove it with the muslin cloth that comes with it. Personally I don't use this as my skin is already sensitive to the use of muslin cloths, and after a peel won't be any better. I've removed it with a regular wet flannel, which worked fine, but find I personally prefer splashing it off with water and then going over in the end with a dry flannel. Each their own, I get the same result whichever way I remove it, so just find what's best for your skin.

After removing the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask my skin always feel super soft and smooth. I always use it in the evenings and apply a rejuvenating or repairing type serum after - I love especially following up with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The next morning I wake up with skin that is absolutely glowing! I use a lot of exfoliants, peels and vitamine c serums - this still impressed me and that is pretty hard to do! I thought it would be similar to all my other fabulous peels, which would make it an absolute worthwhile product still, but this still surpassed my expectations. Skin isn't just glowing, but it is also much clearer, cleaner and with a noticeably more even skin tone. Other peels do give similar results, but this one just more. The only other product I can think of that give similar results is Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, another blogger favourite. That one is also based on the wonders of Glycolic Acid - so I guess I've found another holy grail ingredient - and a new holy grail mask!

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