Empties: March 2014 Part 1

So this happened last month. I meant to post an empties post midway through the month, but didn't get around to it so here I am. Two bags full of empty products! Overall a good thing, but that's a lot of product to write about so I've decided to make this a two-parter. Especially as I've I've also filled up a small box of makeup in addition to this that I am giving away to family and friends. I made a lot of space in my storage units the past month - which is right on trend as it is the time for spring cleaning!

La Roche-Posay - Lipikar Baume AP Lipid Replenishing Body Balm 200ml
This was quite nice. It hydrated well and it didn't irritate my skin, as advertised, but it wasn't all that special either so I don't think I'll be re-purchasing, at least not right now.

Garnier - 7 Days Hydrating Body Lotion for Normal Skin 250ml - review -
I've loved using this on my chest, back and arms for a long time now, but as I've fallen in love with using Rosehip Oil for this purpose I'm reaching for this less and less. I'm onto my back up now, but I'm not sure I'll re-purchase after I finish that one.

Trilogy - Firming Body Lotion 50ml
This was nice enough. It moisturised well, but I didn't notice any firming effects. Nothing special.

Balm Balm - Relax Body Oil 100ml
This was better than the previous Balm Balm oil I used, but still nothing all that fantastic. I don't think I'll be trying anymore Balm Balm oils.

Fushi - Organic Rosehip Oil 100ml - review -
A firm favourite. I have lost count on how many of these I've gone through. I'm onto my next bottle and have re-stocked my back up.

Institut Esthederm - Sun Sheen Intense Tan Self-Tanning Body Jelly 150ml - review -
This is nice enough, but doesn't give too much colour, more of a nice glow. It's nice for paler people as only a bit of colour is less scary and less obvious when gone wrong. I'm tossing what's left of this as it's gotten old. Not something I'll be re-purchasing.

Caudalie - Miel De Vigne Hand and Nail Cream 30ml
I love the Caudalie hand cream and this scent was lovely as well. I especially love the little size for carrying around in my handbag. I have a nice selection of deluxe sample hand creams right now, but if I'm ever out of that I see myself buying a few more of these.

Clarins - Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 50ml
A deluxe size sample and a hand cream I love. I've gone through countless of this and have the full size as well.

Dove - Clear Tone Deodorant Stick 74g
I picked this up in New York last summer and bought a lot to take back with me. I love this. It works well, doesn't irritate the skin, keeps it from being dry.. Unfortunately I can't buy this in Europe, but I still have a few left from New York!

Pearl Drops - Pro-White Toothpolish 50ml
This one isn't as good as the Hollywood Smile one, also from Pearl Drops, but it's good none the less. I buy these whenever I am in London (would've bought the other one, but it was sold out).

H&M - Nail Polish Remover 150ml
This was absolute rubbish! I can't believe I even bothered finishing it! I thought it would be nice with the pump, but even the pump sent the product everywhere. Even as cheap as this is, I deem it not at all worth it!

Macadamia - Deep Repair Masque 500ml - review -
This is a fabolous hair mask and a long-time favourite of mine. I'm onto Oribe masks for now, and am keen to try some others, but I wouldn't be surprised if I bought another of these in the future.

Arran Aromatics - Soft Cinnamon Candle
I got a gift set for christmas with a lot of these small candles inside. This one smelled quite nice, and "christmassy". Still much prefer my Diptyque, Byredo and Cire Trudon candles though.

Origins - Clear Improvement 100ml
This is a very hyped product and I don't really get why. It's OK, but not fantastic - I've used better. I have another 75ml of this that I got as part of a set of three masks a while back, but once I finish that I'll definitely go for something else.

Elemis - Papaya Enzyme Peel 50ml - review -
A very nice product, but nothing I will be buying again. Happy I finally finished it, it lasted for ever!

La Roche-Posay - Serozinc 150ml
Now for a few products I wasn't happy about finishing at all. I finally decided to try Serozink when I was in Cannes over the Holidays and fell in love instantly. It's hard to describe exactly what it does, but I'd say it balances the skin really well and just makes it feel a lot healthier overall. I have two more bottles of this and then I guess I'll have to go back to France for more!

REN - Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm 100ml - review -
This is fantastic! I had a back up of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm that I'm going through, but once I finish that I'll be getting another one of this.

Bioderma - Solution Micellaire 500ml
Favourite makeup remover. Always.

Shiseido - The Skincare Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 7ml
This is ok. Nothing bad to say about it, but I do prefer my Bioderma still.

EsteƩ Lauder - Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Creme 7ml
This thing lasted me forever. I started using it in the fall and it's still not empty! I think it started irritating my eyes due to being old so it went in the trash, but this thing could've easily lasted me a year with everyday nightly use! It's fantastic as well, making the skin around my eyes radiant, healthy and perfectly moisturised.

La Mer - The Moisturising Soft Cream 3.5ml
I love my regular La Mer, but personally this wasn't even close. This did nothing good for my skin and I even think it broke me out. I will be sticking to my regular original La Mer Cream.

Shiseido - Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF 50 15ml
This is fine, but a little greasy. I much prefer my Kiehl's sunscreen.

Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream 3ml
This was really nice. I used it during the day. The smell was really "green" and it might put some people off, but I quite like it. I can't get a hold of Sulwhasoo over here so I won't be buying it (I got this sample when I was in New York).

Elie Saab - Le Parfum Eau De Toilette
I have the Eau De Parfum of this and still love it. This smells pretty much the same as that only a bit less strong.

Aesop - Geranium Leaf Body Balm 3.5ml
This was fine, nothing fantastic. Though I didn't really get a chance to try it as I could barely cover half of my body.

Aesop - Coriander Seed Body Cleanser 2ml
Liked this well enough. It's ok. Nothing special. It's down to weather or not you love the scent with these. Can't say anything too certain though as I'd have to use them for a few days to really know if they are any good or not.

Giorgio Armani - Bronze Mania Sheer Bronzer in #1 - review -
I've had the tiniest bit left of this for absolute ages. I pulled it out at the beginning of the year and decided it was time to finish it. It's a wonderful product that I would've considered re-purchasing at some point, but I think it's been discontinued anyway.

Skin79 - Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions 40g
This is a very nice BB Cream. I would love to get another one, but I don't know any good way of getting a hold of more. It was initially a gift from a friend from China.

Kate Somerville - Serum Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF50+ 60ml - review -
I absolutely loved this at first, but it eventually started breaking me out. I was sure I would re-purchase when first using this, but wouldn't now. Not that I can get a hold of Kate Somerville products over here anyway.

Make Up For Ever - Lift Concealer in #3 15ml
This (and the next product) was part of my 14 Products I Want to Use Up in 2014. Finally it finished! It's an OK concealer, but it doesn't last very well and it does crease. Will never re-purchase.

MAC - Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 in NW20 7g
Another product I wanted to finish. I quite like the Studio Finish Concealers and I especially love the SPF 35 which helps blemishes from leaving behind unwanted pigmentation marks. I'm happy to finish this finally though, and I must say I much prefer my Cle De Peau concealer still.

Urban Decay - Lip Junkie 3.23ml
Throwing this out cause it's old. It's nice enough, smells of mint.

Lancome - L'Absolu Creme De Brillance in #357 4.5ml
Also old. This was quite nice, I think these glosses are discontinued now.

Make Up For Ever - Glossy Full 10ml
Also getting old and I never use it. It's just a clear gloss, nothing special.

Lancome - Juicy Tubes 7ml
This I actually really like, it was even featured in a Favourites post. It's getting old though and I have plenty of glosses to go through I paid for so this ones going as well.

Giorgio Armani - Black Eyeliner
I don't remember the exact name of this, but I bought it ages ago so they might not make it anymore anyway. I'm considering it done as I can't be bothered with it when it's this short, I don't feel I have enough control when making my line. It's a good liner though, soft but stays in place all day.

Lancome - Crayon Khol Noir 0.7g
Another eyeliner, a khol. This smudged on me, as a Khol kind of should, but I couldn't figure out a way to use it that I like so away it goes. I've got tons of black eyeliners so no need to keep ones I don't like around.

Urban Decay - Double Ended Eyeliner in Zero and Whisky
These are very nice, but old and so I'm throwing them away. I've found I don't really like brown eye liners, but I wouldn't be opposed to getting the black one at some point in the future. Not that I will ever have to as I keep accumulating eye liners through gifts with purchases constantly.

Yves Saint Laurent - Shocking Felt Tip Liner 1.1ml
This was absolutely amazing. I started using this in December and it's only dried out a couple of weeks ago. It was precise, really black and stayed put all day. I'm trying to get some use out of my Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack before it dries out, but I'll definitely buy this one again. Love it.

Make Up For Ever - Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in #0 and #3 2x5ml
These are getting old as well. They were fun to use and you certainly get a strong brow, but it's not a very natural look and I much prefer using eyeshadow. If your going to be swimming in makeup though this could be a good option as it's waterproof!

Make Up For Ever - Aquarelle Black 10ml
This was nice to use as an eyeliner. It's been ages since I last used it and it's dried up now. I don't remember much about it, but it was a really intense nice black. That's about it.

Normal: 12
Deluxe Sample: 6
Sample: 6
Makeup Item: 12
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 4
Sample Makeup Item: 0
Nail polish: 0
Mini nail polish: 0
Jumbo Size: 2

2014 TOTAL:
Normal: 38
Deluxe Sample: 22
Sample: 36
Makeup Item: 25
Deluxe Sample Makeup Item: 5
Sample Makeup Item: 2
Nail polish: 0
Mini nail polish: 1
Jumbo Size: 2



  1. Amazing amount of products used up, you're like me! I have loads all at once and then nothing for months. Bioderma is by far the best!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. He he yes I honestly don't know what I did before I discovered it lol! xx

  2. Hi, love the blog! I've nominated you for a Liebster award, check out the details here :)

    1. Hey Emily! Thank you! I've already done the Liebster Award a while ago, but thanks for nominating me! :) x


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